10. Wishbone

Aww…don’t we all remember the lovable dog, who took on some of literature’s greatest works? Sure this was a kid’s show, but everybody loved this one. The episodes were mega-cheesy, but that dog was just so cute.

9. Reba

Honestly, “Reba” wasn’t really that different from many, many other sitcoms. The difference being, Reba wasn’t a comedian or actor, for that matter. This makes her achievement on the show impressive. At the end of the day though, this was pretty middle of the pack.

8. Walker, Texas Ranger

Sure, it wasn’t the most cerebral show of all-time, but man was “Walker, Texas Ranger” a lot of fun. Of course, Chuck Norris takes centerstage here as the title character, kicking some serious ass along the way. There was plenty of goofiness here, and that theme song…

7. The Leftovers

HBO’s show about the rapture was loved by some and held not so fondly by others. Nonetheless, the show was definitely thought-provoking, even if the narrative was a bit disheveled at times. There’s a lot if interesting ideas here, even if the execution is a bit inconsistent.

6. King of the Hill

Michael Keaton’s cartoon sitcom experience wasn’t merely limited to “The Simpsons” though. Additionally, he made a cameo on “King of the Hill.” These roles really added some freshness to Keaton’s career.

5. The Bridge

During its first season, “The Bridge” showed the series’ immense potential. Unfortunately for all of us, the show would never fulfill its talents and would crash and burn shortly after its premier. This is still a great premise, which could be revived under different circumstances.

4. The Mentalist

All in all, Simon Baker’s character in “The Mentalist” was a world class smartass. ┬áThat’s okay though, as it really makes the show work. His interplay with the rest of the colorful cast of characters is what makes this one hum. The mystery aspect is also solid.

3. Dallas

Yep, JR got all the pub, but the untimely death of Bobby Ewing was even more shocking and heartbreaking. Of course, they would bring him back, which pretty much signaled the end for the once popular show.

2. Beavis and Butt-Head

Along with “The Simpsons” and a few others, “Beavis and Butthead” changed animated series forever, allowing for appeal with a wider range of viewer. The show was crude and course, but it was also extremely funny and much smarter than it might appear on the surface.

1. Friday Night Lights

I felt the movie was kind of underwhelming, to be honest. The TV show of the same name showed a bit more depth. The best part about this one is the incredible character development. The writing’s pretty spot-on too. The total package is pretty impressive for today’s broadcast TV.

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