10. Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech

Jerod Evans is a mystery man in this year’s draft. Nearly no one, this author included, saw him leaving Va Tech for the NFL. But he has, and I think he’ll be drafted. He’s big and talented, but has had little experience. He’s got some major tools, but will it be enough to make a squad. 

9. Chad Kelly, Mississippi

Chad Kelly could very well be the steal of this draft…or he may not even make a team, he’s that polarizing. On the positive side, you have a physically talented and tough kid, but also one who makes bad throws and is often injured. Sounds like a gamble to me. 

8. Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee

Dobbs has tons of physical talent, but the results have never quite been there. He has shown signs, but has faltered at some pretty big moments. If he can collect his game a bit, Dobbs can at least be a solid backup in the pros. As a starter, I’m not sure. 

7. Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh

Nate Peterman is one of the more under the radar QB prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft. He’s solid, not spectacular, in all phases of the position, but some wonder whether or not he has enough talent to make it in the NFL. The ceiling here isn’t very high, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t make a roster. 

6. Davis Webb, California

Like many on this list, Davis Webb has a solid arm, but his footwork will need significant improvement. While he amassed a ton of TD’s, he also three plenty of interceptions. Webb is a project, but with some seasoning, could become a steal. 

5. Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

Mahomes is a gun-slinger, pure and simple. He’s has a good arm and decent mobility. His footwork can get a bit sloppy at times, but the biggest concern is his making some questionable decisions throwing the ball. For some teams, that will be enough to write him off. 

4. Brad Kaaya, Miami (FL)

NFL scouts are hot and cold on Kaaya. Many see the enticing talent and would happily welcome him to their team. That being said, the Miami QB can have some seriously bad periods of play. In the NFL, that will lose you games quickly. He’ll need some development, but could be a steal. 

3. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame

Kizer has tons of talent and has the measurables of a prototypical NFL quarterback. What he doesn’t have, is experience and consistency. While Kizer will be a first round pick, he needs significant seasoning before he’s ready to start on Sundays. 

2. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina

A lot of scouts love Trubisky, but this author is not quite sure he’s an NFL starter. The North Carolina QB has plenty of skill, but his play has been inconsistent. He hasn’t turned the ball over very often, which is a good sign, but there’s just no “wow factor” here. Do you really take him high in the first round?

  1. Deshaun Watson, Clemson

Watson is a perplexing prospect for most NFL scouts. On one hand, he has a great arm, is fairly accurate, is a leader, and is fairly clutch. So, what’s the problem? Well, Deshaun can throw some pretty bad picks and has periods of time where he’s not his best, enough to scare off some teams. 

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