10. Harry’s Law

This short-lived series featured Kathy Bates and a ragtag band of lawyers. The characters were quirky and the stories fairly interesting, but watching the show, you could tell that there really wasn’t a whole lot of potential longevity. Still a fun watch while it lasted. 

9. Doogie Howser, M.D.

I get that Doogie’s a teen prodigy and all, but I’m still not sure if I’d want somebody who’s supposed to be in junior high taking care of me. I know what I was like at that age, heaven forbid a pretty girl or a monkey walk by while I’m using a tongue depressor on somebody. Why a monkey would walk by, I dunno…but I watched “Every Which Way But Loose” a lot when I was that age.

8. Goliath

“Goliath” might be the most interesting new show on TV…er Netflix…today. Billy Bob Thornton plays a washed-up attorney who’s suddenly thrust into a case which will change his life forever. No more spoilers here. 

7. Boston Public

“Boston Public” was one of the most ambitious and provocative shows of the past 25 years, focusing on the lives of the teachers, students, and administrators within an inner-city Boston school. Lack of publicity and advertising really sunk this one. 

6. Picket Fences

There’s really no way to accurately describe the brilliant weirdness that is “Picket Fences.” Most accurately, this is something more likely to come from David Lynch than David E. Kelly. Truly, this is like some hybrid of “Twin Peaks” and “Blue Velvet.”

5. L.A. Law

Like many shows of the ilk in 1980’s, this one had plenty of style, but also quite a bit of substance as well. “Law” proved that courtroom dramas could still play and driving force behind many of the shows after.

4. Boston Legal

“Boston Legal” was a lot like “The Practice,” but added in some great humor and even more quirky characters. The entire cast was phenomenal, but James Spader and William Shatner completely steal the show. Their interactions alone, are worth the price of admission.

3. Chicago Hope

“Chicago Hope” premiered right around the same time as “ER.” For a while there, the two shows were neck-and-neck, with the latter eventually pulling away. Nonetheless, for it’s run, “Hope” was quality TV with an interesting cast of characters.

2. The Practice

“The Practice” follow the exploits of a burgeoning law firm and its numerous lawyers. The show was excellent for most of its run and really had an interesting band of characters. It also sprung some awesome shows.

  1. Ally McBeal

People nowadays remember this one for the crazy dancing baby, but the show actually had a lot more substance than that. Ally herself, was a very interesting character and offered a glimpse into what it was like for a single thirtysomething trying to make her way in a complicated world.

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