10. The Flamingos

The Flamingos are one of the more underrated doo-wop groups. They nabbed their biggest hit with “I Only Have Eyes For You.” This often gets music fans to overlook their other work, which is stylish and nuanced. 

9. The Cadillacs

This group had many iterations, but all were outstanding. The Cadillacs still go down as one of doo-wops first groups and also one of the greatest. They scored their biggest hit with “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” but there is great quality in much of their work. 

8. The Platters

These crooners had an incredibly rich and bold sound that gave their music a complex quality. “Twilight Time” is a special journey through an especially exciting evening. “The Great Pretender” is an excellent love song with a special twist.

7. The Del Vikings

Besides being one of the first mainstream groups to include both black and white musicians, The Del Vikings were known for their amazing harmonies and rich sound. “Come Go with Me” was their standout hit, but pretty much anything by the group is excellent.

6. The Shirelles

One of the all-time most underrated “girl groups,” The Shirelles had a silky smooth sound with some extremely insightful songs. “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” was one of the more excellent songs of the 1960’s, while “Mama Said” is a sassy and biting commentary.

5. The Coasters

The Coasters mixed doo-wop with a funkiness that few had shown before. This made the band one of the most popular acts of their time. They are best known for “Charlie Brown,” which tells the story of the famous cartoon character. “Yakety Yak” is another major hit.

4. Dion & The Belmonts

Dion & The Belmonts had a unique sound that was both nasally and bittersweet. The group was huge throughout the late-1950’s and much of the 1960’s. They pumped out dozens of hits throughout their run, but “I Wonder Why” is their lasting legacy.

3. The Four Seasons

This famous band included the legendary Frankie Valli and still stands as one of the most popular bands of all-time. Their hits are far too numerous to list in this entry, but their sound is easily one of the most unique in music history.

2. The Miracles

This Motown group had way too many hits to mention in this blurb. More importantly, they were one of the first major breakthrough artists for the record label. They completely epitomized “the Motown Sound.”

1. The Drifters

The Drifters had a number iterations and nearly 50 members. “Under the Boardwalk” and “This Magic Moment” are whimsical fun, but the band really hit their stride with “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “There Goes My Baby.” In total, The Drifters are one of the lasting institutions in modern music.

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