It’s tough enough to break into either the acting or music business…much less both. These artists/actors did just that. Here you go, the ALL-TIME BEST 10 MUSICIANS-TURNED-ACTORS


10. Steven Van Zandt

When “Miami Steve” wasn’t lighting it up in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, he’s had memorable roles in major TV dramas. If Silvio on The Sopranos and the lead on Lilyhammer are any indication, Van Zandt has a burgeoning career in acting as well as music.

9. LL Cool J

Most young viewers today probably don’t even know this guy was a rapper. LL has been in some stinkers, no doubt (Rollerballanyone?), but seems to have found a good home on NCIS: Los Angeles.

8. Justin Timberlake

Nope, not Dauber from Coach (that’s Bill Fagerbakke), Timberlake was actually a member of some band called ‘N Sync that ruined my adolescence. He’s also been in some pretty terrible movies, but did have a significant role in The Social Network, which did not suck.  

7. Queen Latifah

From MC to Chicago, much like LL Cool J, few remember Latifah as a rapper. She is better remembered as a versatile lead actor in everything from drama to comedy. Even fewer still, remember her acting alongside another actor on this list (hint, the Queen needs a Prince).

6. Dean Martin

When he wasn’t roasting people (look it up, anyone under 60), the charismatic Rat Pack member was in some pretty legendary flicks. Whether it was alongside Brando in The Young Lions or saddling up next to John Wayne in Rio Bravo and The Sons of Katie Elder, Martin was a bonafide movie star. So much so, that we’re even willing to forgive him for both Cannonball Run films.

5. Cher

Sonny & Cher were huge in the 1970’s and the latter’s film career really took off in the 1980’s. She even got to act alongside Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck. So, there’s that…

4. Frank Sinatra

Old Blue Eyes is obviously renowned as one of the greatest singers of all-time. He also had a pretty stellar acting career. From The Manchurian Candidate to a brief stint on Who’s the Boss? If you’ve done Danza, you really have done it all!

3. Mark Wahlberg

Most probably forget Wahlberg was once a “musician.” Don’t worry, he’d probably like it that way. Rather, he’s become quite the actor in recent years. Boogie Nights and The Fighter are obvious standouts, but he was pretty freaking funny in Ted also. But if you really want to laugh…here you go!

2. Barbra Streisand

Not only is Mrs. Focker a terrific singer, but also an Oscar-winning actor. How’s that for a dual threat? Plus, she kept Nick Nolte in check in The Prince of Tides. Looks like she’s going to add a Humanitarian award to that resume.

1. Will Smith

Will Smith has always had the “it factor,” but you’d be kidding yourself if you thought the “Parents Just Don’t Understand” artist would be one of the biggest movie stars in the world…much less star alongside Jeff Goldblum. Beyond that, Smith is a true-blue Hollywood A-lister and could get any role he wants..if even if one of those is Men In Black 3. Critics just don’t understand…



Till later Listamaniacs!





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