When you watch a sitcom family on the tube, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live there. Well, we’re gonna break it down for you with the ALL-TIME BEST 10 TV FAMILIES TO BE A PART OF!


10. The Tanners (ALF)

On the surface, the Tanners look like a pretty good family. When you closer though, it doesn’t seem so pristine. You’ve got the freeloading alien eating all the food in the house…including household pets. The father, Willie, is a passive-aggressive ticking time-bomb and the mother is more likely to kill ALF than the US Government. The saving grace is that the kids are sweethearts. Superficially, being a Tanner looks pretty nice, but it could also turn into The Shining at any moment.

9. The Huxtables (The Cosby Show)

Everybody loves the Huxtables, and I’m not sure why. Honestly, they’re kind of jerks. Cliff and Claire would probably call it “tough love”, but they’re more patronizing than anything else. Plus, everything’s gotta be a lesson all the freaking time. Most of the kids are tolerable and the grandparents are pretty cool, but Claire and Cliff would make it kinda crappy to be a Huxtable.

8. The Keatons (Family Ties)

No, Michael Keaton is not included. Although, that would be nuts…if you wanna get nuts! Rather, the Keatons were a typical 80’s family. Hippie parents, an adolescent Reaganite (Michael J. Fox), a tomboy daughter, and a young son. Honestly, as much as I like Michael J. Fox, living with his character on the show would have been a chore, as he often seemed so pompous and arrogant. The parents were sort of strange as well, you know the kind that would rather be your friend instead of mom and dad.

7. The Cleavers (Leave It to Beaver)

I’m kinda on the fence about this one. In general, I feel as though it’d be ok to be a Cleaver, but there is a suffocating level of schmaltz that would get old quickly. Gotta be honest too, I was never a big fan of Wally, he just rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t feel like dad would have much give on my staying out late with Eddie Haskell either.

6. The Cunninghams (Happy Days)

Being a Cunningham would be pretty good. The parents are old-fashioned, but nice enough. The kids are fairly good too, although Joanie up in your business all the time would get old. Plus, you’d get to hang out with the Fonz, which would be amazing!

5. The Bankses (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

While Uncle Phil might ring your neck on occasion and boot your best friend Jazz from the swanky SoCal home, he’s got your back if anybody tries to screw with you. Will would be a pretty amazing cousin. The mom and kids are fine…sans Hilary, who would be difficult to live with. I’m probably in the minority here, but Geoffrey the butler would crappy to be around also. I know he’s funny on the show, but if you were actually living with the guy…you’d wanna punch him square in the grill.

4. The Dunphys (Modern Family)

Phil’s a dork, but a sweet, loving kind of dork. Claire, being uber-Type A, would be an acquired taste, but I think I could get used to it. The grandparents are even pretty cool. Plus, Cam and Mitch would be the best uncles ever! The problem is the kids. I really can’t think of three more annoying kids on TV. You’ve basically got two myopic fools and a smug intellectual. Hmm…sounds like fun to me! All in all though, this wouldn’t be a bad family to be a part of.

3. The Tanners (Full House)

The Village People sung about the welcoming YMCA in the 1970’s (what YMCA have they been to?), but really the Tanner house is where you wanna go when “you’re short on the dough.” Seriously, are you a homeless comedian? A failed rockstar? If so, then take your act to the city by the bay. There’ll always be a place to lay your head…or your stuffed woodchuck. Don’t worry about rent, cause you can always pay us in love! Honestly, being a part of the Tanner family would be pretty good if you could get past the whole constant hugging stuff.

2. The Munsters (The Munsters)

Outside of the whole “monster” thing, being a Munster would be pretty sweet. You’ve got this great old house, two amazing sets of wheels, and some pretty awesome parents. Herman and Lily, while quirky, are loving and caring folk. Grandpa is amazing and has a spell for any malady. You really can’t go wrong. Yeah, you’d be ostracized by much of society, but with your level of naivety, you wouldn’t even know. Spike might be a bit of a problem though…

1. The Winslows (Family Matters)

Yeah, freaking Urkel is included, which is the major downside. Plus, you have the fake Theo Huxtable in Eddie. Nonetheless, this would be a pretty amazing family to be a part of. Loving, yet not to the Tanner level, the Full House Tanners not the murderous ALF Tanners. The kids are solid. The grandma is amazingly cool. Even the aunt that owns the restaurant is great. Probably the best part would be the parents, who are a perfect balance of affectionate and authoritative. Hmm…what could we do with Urkel?

Hope you had fun! Tomorrow, the ALL-TIME WORST 10 SONGS TO PLAY AT A WEDDING!



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