10. NewsRadio

This one kind of got lost in the shuffle that was 1990’s NBC sitcoms (Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, Mad About You). Nonetheless, it was an outstanding show while Phil Hartman was a cast member. Afterwards, the quality tended to drop a bit.

9. Parks and Recreation

“Parks & Rec” is less laugh-out loud funny than manny of the shows on this list, but it more than makes-up for it in charm and lovable characters. This is not to say that the show is not funny, far from it. Ron Swanson especially, doles out a weekly dose of hilarity with his mysterious ways. 

8. Mad About You

He’s neurotic, quirky, and funny. Paul Buchman is the perfect guy for you if the George Constanza-type, minus all the lying and murdering, is what you’re looking for in a hubby. Plus, he’s a documentarian. So, you’re wedding film’s covered. His family’s pretty freaking annoying, but that’s about the only downside.

7. The Golden Girls

Being on “The Golden Girls” was often a rite of passage for many upcoming stars in the late-1980’s/early-1990’s. The show was largely fantastic and featured some of the best sitcom writing ever seen. I think most pass of the show as too schmaltzy today, but they need to go back an marvel at the program’s edginess. 

6. The Cosby Show

Everybody loves the Huxtables, and I’m not sure why. Honestly, they’re kind of jerks. Cliff and Claire would probably call it “tough love”, but they’re more patronizing than anything else. Plus, everything’s gotta be a lesson all the freaking time. Most of the kids are tolerable and the grandparents are pretty cool, but Claire and Cliff would make it kinda crappy to be a Huxtable.

5. Friends

Episode quality was hit or miss, especially as the run neared the end, but “Friends” was generally a high quality show. Plus, you get Central Perk. Despite some kitsch, the music there is pretty terrible (yes Phoebe, I’m looking at you). Plus, the Friends are always hogging the best seats. You could probably get Joey’s spot with a well-placed sandwich…or seven, but the rest of them might be hard to move.

4. Taxi

Unfortunately, “Taxi” is not remembered near as fondly as many of the other shows on this countdown. This is sad, as the show was generally excellent comedy and launched the careers of some pretty big stars. The comedy was fairly subtle, but also had some amazing memorable moments. 

3. Cheers

While “Cheers” is an uplifting show for many, when you think about the show’s premise, you can’t help but be depressed. Just think about it: a bunch of life-losers drowning their sorrows away at a local bar each and every night. Sounds pretty bad, right? The execution is far better though, portraying the significance of comradery and friendship.

2. Frasier

Frasier being a psychiatrist and all, he would deal with all your mental health needs. While personally, I felt as though his brother Niles was the better practitioner, Frasier has a calming influence about him that would be comforting if you’re going through a crisis. On Cheers, he seemed a bit more unhinged, but on Frasier the good doctor seemed exceptionally warm and compassionate.

  1. Seinfeld

There are outstanding sitcoms…and then there is “Seinfeld.” This quirky hit is far above any of its peers and the gap keeps growing with every syndicated airing. “Seinfeld” will forever be known as a show about nothing, but it was actually a show about everything. This neurotic examination of everyday life is what made it a hit.

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