Jean-Claude Van Damme, JCVD for short, is an amazing action star who, on more than one occasion, turned in some pretty good dramatic performances as well. Whereas, Arnold and Stallone were more about brute strength, JCVD was a well-rounded fighter. Thus, he usually gave us the better fight scenes. 

So, without further ado, the ALL-TIME BEST 10 JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME MOVIES!


10. Double Impact (1991)

If you think one helping of JCVD is good, how about two? In this case, he takes on the role of two twins separated when their mother and father are killed. While JCVD would go on to work with John Woo in Hard Target, this one is really reminiscent of Hong Kong/Chinese action flicks.

9. Sudden Death (1995)

Anybody who knows me, knows that there are few things I love more than JCVD and hockey. Well, Merry Christmas to me! This was one of the more intricate plots to a JCVD movie. I was hoping the story would be a little tighter and that we would get a few more awesome fight scenes, but still pretty good.

8. Lionheart (1990)

JCVD really gets to show his dramatic acting chops in this one. Trying to grind out a living for his brother’s family, he does what he does best…managing hedge funds. No, just playing. Obviously, he fights, and well at that.

7. Universal Soldier (1992)

If you’re action movie fanatic like me, the very thought of JCVD and Dolph Lundgren in the same movie had you running to Blockbuster (RIP) faster than Usain Bolt on horse steroids. The movie was pretty good, but kind of reminiscent Terminator 2. Still, the final showdown between the two action film behemoths was worth the $3.

6. Hard Target (1993)

This was actually one of the first VHS tapes I ever rented (ask your freaking parents!), so it holds a special place in my heart. The plot, while done before and after, worked pretty well with JCVD. The movie doesn’t hold up quite as well today, especially when Wilfred Brimley makes an appearance. No Wilfred, I didn’t know that my diabetes testing supplies could be covered.

5. The Expendables 2 (2012)

This is like the NBA All-Star Game of 80’s/90’s action stars! I really like that JCVD gets to play a villain in this one, as he is so often the protagonist. It almost makes you want to see him as the bad guy a little more…almost. Seeing him square-off with Sly and company was a dream come true.

4. Kickboxer (1989)

Somewhat similar to another terrific movie that also came out in 1989, Best of the Best. Where Kickboxer has the advantage is in the dancing department. Yes, you get to see JCVD break it down with some lovely ladies. Pacino in Scent of a Woman he’s not, but JCVD has some pretty funky dance moves.

3. Timecop (1994)

Timecop, in my mind at least, is remembered for three things: JCVD’s amazing splits in the kitchen (try that Paula Dean!), Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, and masterful performance by Ron Silver as the antagonist. I think a quality villain elevates any action movie. Would Die Hard be nearly as good without Hans Gruber? Nope. I always loved seeing JCVD go up against a big-time baddie, and Silver gives me quite the fix.

2. JCVD (2008)

Part Robert Altman, part Terrence Malick, and a good bit of JCVD. This is really an interesting film, even if you’re not down with 90’s action flicks. What I loved most about this film was that it truly shows JCVD’s acting range. I hope he gets to branch out a bit more in his future films, because he’s really freaking good in JCVD.

1. Bloodsport (1988)

When I watch a JCVD movie, I don’t care so much about dialogue or plot lines. Rather, I want to see the man fight…and fight a lot! Frank Dux does exactly that in Bloodsport. Something about the whole martial arts tournament thing really appeals to me. Best of the Best? Yep. Enter the Dragon? Abso-freaking-lutely! Mortal Kombat? Heck yeah! So, Bloodsport was right up my alley. I also love this one, because it really serves as an interesting character study. But really, it’s about the amazing fight scenes!

Tomorrow, the ALL-TIME BEST 10 SPY TV SHOWS!

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  1. Very solid choices. Gotta go Bloodsport as #1 and even though my personal #2 would be Kickboxer, I love that you ranked JCVD as high as you did because it is by far his greatest accomplishment from a dramatic acting perspective. Probably helped that he got to speak in his native tongue rather than stumble through the English language. VIVE JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME!

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