10. “Back In Time”

While not as good as “Power of Love,” “Back in Time” is a solid way to end the outstanding first film. Lewis and the News belt out an infectious chorus, where Marty McFly learns that he’s no longer the son of a loser. Priceless!

9. “Hip to Be Square”

While this is certainly not the most complex song in the world, “Hip to Be Square” certainly is a lot of fun. Yes, this one is pure 1980’s, but it’s fun to look back and enjoy the signature sounds of the decade. Lewis and company sure know how to have a good time, which exactly what this song is, in essence.

8. “Stuck With You”

A catchy little love song, “Stuck With You” is pretty easy to understand, even for the most casual music fans. This one harkens back to doo-wop songs two decades earlier, of course, with some of Lewis’ signature snark.

7. “Doing It All for My Baby”

Another happy love song, you could really argue that many of Lewis’ songs are pretty similar. That being said, his sound and writing is excellent, so most of us probably could care less if they sound alike. This one in particular, features a catchy and smooth rhythm that will have you humming for days.

6. “If This Is It”

Back to the doo-wop sound, “If This Is It” is a direct throwback to that glorious era in popular music. This one is sugary sweat, but also quite soulful in all the right parts. Of all the group’s songs, this one best features their amazing harmonies.

5. “Do You Believe In Love”

A little bit of a change of pace, “Do You Believe In Love” is much more introspective than much of the band’s other work. This really shows the variety of their writing, even if the sound itself, is similar to other works. Oh, that chorus…so freaking high.

4. “I Want a New Drug”

An incredibly famous rip-off. This one is alleged to have occurred when Huey Lewis and the News turned down creating the Ghostbusters theme. Later, Ray Parker Jr. was hired, and an intentional or unintentional jab was made toward Lewis and the News through Parker’s theme…which sounded nearly identical to Huey’s “I Want a New Drug.” The ripped-off band learned their lesson though. When asked to do a song for the Back to the Future soundtrack a year later, they agreed…resulting in one of their biggest hits.

3. “Heart and Soul”

For one of the band’s slower songs, you can do no better than “Heart and Soul.” This one is much more subtle, but includes some of Lewis and The News’ best lyrics. It’s also one of their absolute best, but doesn’t deter from their signature sound.

2. “Heart of Rock N’ Roll”

Aside from “The Power of Love,” “Heart of Rock N’ Roll” is easily Huey Lewis & The News’ biggest hit. Additionally, it’s also one of their absolute best songs. This one is a tour de force to pronounce rock n’ roll still alive, but just in different forms. 

  1. “The Power of Love”

Not only is “The Power of Love” the best song from any of the amazing “Back to the Future” movies, but it’s also one of the greatest movie-inspired works of all-time. Learning their mistake from “Ghostbusters,” the group authored an absolute classic, that is greatly responsible for the film’s success.

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