A TV theme can be an excellent way to acclimate viewers to the show. Some even set the mood perfectly for the show’s atmosphere. There have been literally dozens of excellent TV themes, but here, we’re only interested in the ALL-TIME BEST 10 TV THEME SONGS!


10. Friends

An overload of schmaltz, but extremely catchy nonetheless. The Friends theme song was pure mid-90’s pop. The song does a decent job preparing you for the series, but some of the drier humor and serious plotlines of the latter seasons are not really hinted upon. In hindsight, “Smelly Cat” might have been a better choice.

9. The Beverly Hillbillies

This one pretty much spells out the show perfectly. I’m still not entirely sure why they picked Beverly Hills to live after Jed found the bubblin’ crude. I mean, they seemed to enjoy their simple life and then they take their fortune to “Hollyweird?” Oh well, just go with it I guess…

8. The Sopranos

The Sopranos theme, like the show, is both stylish and brutal. The opening sequence is a perfect teaser for the show, as crime boss Tony Sopranos surveys his north Jersey kingdom. The theme’s lyrics are also a perfect outline of Tony’s character.

7. The Andy Griffith Show

Wet your lips to do some whistlin’. The Andy Griffith theme is one of the catchiest of all TV themes. The song perfectly sets the tone for the laid back setting that is Mayberry. Maybe do some fishin’? Get a haircut at Floyd’s? Just take your time and enjoy life in the mid-south.

6. The Jeffersons

“We’re movin’ on up…” The Jeffersons theme song was a perfect sampling of the show. Frenetic, at times even manic, but always a song about family and togetherness. Even though life’s struggle, you can always get by with the help of family. Someday, you might even make it to the east side. Although, if you live in Los Angeles, this may not be a good thing.

5. The Addams Family

They still play parts of this one at baseball games, which is remarkably annoying. Nevertheless, the song is a classic, perfectly reflecting the swanky atmosphere in which the show was set. The theme and accompanying opening sequence also do a good job introducing the characters, which has become quite a lost art.

4. Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire

Ask anyone who grew up in the 90’s about this one, and they’ll likely recite the thing word-for-word. Will Smith rapped about how his character got from West Philadelphia (born and raised) to Bel-Aire. The song was hip, catchy, and perfectly outlined the premise of the series. That’s really all you can ask for out of a TV theme, the crossover success was icing on the cake.

3. M*A*S*H*

Few know that the actual title is “Suicide is Painless.” Given the nature of the show, the song doesn’t seem to fit. If you watch the 1970 film though, the song and its lyrics make much more sense and even add to meaning of the show. Nonetheless, the theme is synonymous with a helicopter taking off.

2. Gilligan’s Island

A freaking three hour tour? While the show was hilarious, I was always struck with the ineptness of the Skipper and of course, Gilligan. I mean, after he messed up dozens of the Professor’s schemes to get them off the island, you’d think somebody would off him at some point. Also, watch this show and Lost back-to-back, and tell me that J.J. Abrams doesn’t owe Bob Denver & company some royalties.

1. Cheers

Who wouldn’t want to go where everybody knows you’re name? A good theme is catchy and sort of outlines what the series is all about. The Cheers theme does exactly that, portraying comradery and safe haven that is the bar setting. Even though Cheers closed its doors over two decades ago, bars everywhere still pump this one at closing time.

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