One of the toughest things for music fans is when their favorite bands break up and disband. Out of the wreckage of these bands though, amazing spinoffs can form. Our criteria for this countdown, as nearly every band in history is a spinoff, is that the band form soon after the break up of another hugely successful band. We’re also not including supergroups like the Traveling Wilburys or Audioslave, which lasted only a brief period of time. 


10. Megadeth

It had to be a bummer for guitarist Dave Mustaine when he left Metallica. He bounced back as well as could be expected when he helped found Megadeth. While Megadeath would not become as successful as Metallica, the band was pretty high profile in the hard rock/metal scene.

9. Jeff Beck Group

The death of the Yardbirds led to the ridiculously talented Jeff Beck Group. Its initial iteration included Beck, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, and Aynsley Dunbar. How’s that for an amazing lineup? While the members would go on to bigger and arguably, better things, the Jeff Beck Group was an outstanding spinoff.

8. Bad Company

Rising from the demise of Free, was the ever-solid Bad Company. The band went on to have some major hits and a Chris Rock movie named after them. That’s pretty much all a spinoff band could ever ask for.

7. Journey

Take a couple members of Santana and a young vocalist named Steve Perry and you’ve got yourself a massively talented ensemble. Journey was a huge hit in the 1970’s and 1980’s. So much so, that their music is still being butchered in karaoke bars all over the world.

6. The Band

Spurred on by backing-up some fella named Bob Dylan, The Band went out on their own in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Their folk and bluegrass influences made the Canadian band a unique force in a benchmark era for rock music.

5. Foo Fighters

How on earth could Dave Grohl match the success of Nirvana? Well, by helping to form rock n’ roll powerhouse, the Foo Fighters. For someone who grew up in the 1990’s, it was interesting seeing Grohl make the transition from underrated drummer to frontman, a transition he’s handled quite well.

4. Wings

Everybody expected the “Fab Four” to do some pretty great things after The Beatles split-up, but most went on to outstanding solo careers. Paul McCartney though, helped found Wings, which went on to have major success and a large catalogue of hits. While there were definitely some similarities to The Beatles, Wings took a somewhat different path with its eclectic sound.

3. Crosby, Stills, & Nash

On the border of a supergroup, but their long lifespan knocks them into spinoff territory. You could even include Neil Young in this spinoff also, but his participation is a bit more sporadic. Nonetheless, CS&N are still out there touring and rocking audiences worldwide.

2. The Eagles

Don Henley and Glenn Frey were a part of Linda Ronstadt’s band before forming The Eagles and achieving legendary success. Other bandmates Randy Meisner (Ricky Nelson) and Bernie Leadon (The Flying Burrito Brothers) also played in some heavy duty acts before finding superstardom with The Eagles.

1. Led Zeppelin

Another band that was the result of the Yardbirds, in particular guitar great Jimmy Page. Zeppelin may be the most talented rock band in music history. While there was some later inconsistency in their music, when they were humming, they could rival any act that has ever taken the stage.

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