Michael McKean

Giving the performance of his life, Michael McKean has gone from lovable comedian to one of the most hated characters on TV today. On its own, that’s something significant, but given how three-dimensional and complex Chuck McGill is, this is a remarkable character.


Similar to “Breaking Bad,” the writers and directors of “Saul” are masters at building tension, whether it be a pending shootout or court case, your heart races. Furthermore, you feel an inherent connection to the characters and take interest in their wellbeing. Occasionally, levity will dilute, but were often left feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Rhea Seehorn

Kim Wexler has become one of the better characters on a show chocked-full of them. She’s a talented lawyer, with plenty to prove. She also may have a thing for Jimmy…er Saul. The latter relationship will be a major piece of later seasons.


Even the best shows on TV today have some off seasons. You know, runs where really nothing happens, nothing’s engaging for the viewer. “Saul” has its down moments, but the plot doesn’t take incredibly long to ramp up. Conversely, this isn’t pure melodrama either.

Callbacks to Breaking Bad

A beautiful thing about “Saul” is the recurrent reference to “Breaking Bad.” Sometimes, just the smallest things can remind us of important plot lines from “Bad.” Of course, there is also some major overlap, which leads us to…

Gus Fring

One of the most intriguing aspects, and least fulfilled, of “Breaking Bad” was the Gus Fring story. Sure, there were some flashbacks, but because of time constraints, we were never really able to understand the complex man and his past. “Saul” is doing this, and it’s enthralling.


“Saul” strikes the perfect balance between drama and comedy. Similar to “Bad,” there’s actually quite a bit of underrated humor to be found here. Most of it stems from Bob Odenkirk, but everybody seems to have their moments.

Mike’s Backstory

Mike was one of the better supporting character’s from “Bad.” despite technically being a bad guy, we all love Mike and his mysterious nature. One of the best parts of Saul, is explaining Mike’s character much better and his motivations.

Bob Odenkirk

For several decades now, Bob Odenkirk has been one of the most underrated comic actors in the business. He’s finally getting his just-due with “Saul.” Hopefully, this will lead to even bigger parts and greater success. 

Possible “Breaking Bad” Crossover

This is purely speculative, but there might be a chance in the near future, that we may get to bump up against Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. 

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