10. Chris Webber, Orlando Magic (1993)

C-Webb was always polarizing, especially as a member of the Fab Five at Michigan. He would go on to become an excellent NBA player and hit his absolute peak as a member of the Sacramento Kings in the early-2000’s. There, he displayed a fusion of skill and athleticism rarely seen in basketball.

9. Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers (1996)

The 1996 draft was an MVP barrage with Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, and some unknown named Kobe Bryant. You’ve also got two of the better shooters in NBA history with Ray Allen and Peja (then Predrag) Stojakovic. Rounding it out are Stephan Marbury, Jermaine O’Neal, and Derek Fisher.

8. Patrick Ewing, New York Knicks (1985)

Despite some of the murky circumstances surrounding how the Knicks were able to win the draft lottery, Patrick Ewing was the perfect pick. For nearly two decades, he was one of the league’s best centers and player who came through in the clutch.

7. Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati Royals (1960)

A freak athlete before that was common for NBA players, Robertson was a talent the likes of which wasn’t seen before. The man could do everything and stuffed the stat sheet. While he may not have had the same success today, Oscar was a pioneer.

6. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs (1997)

 Unlike many featured here, was elite on both ends of the floor. Then there’s all those championships… All in all, Duncan is one of the NBA’s greatest success stories and one of the best teammates in league history. 

5. Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets (1984)

The 1984 Draft Class was utterly ridiculous. Setting aside the unfortunate bust that was #2 pick Sam Bowie, you had all-time greats in Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barley, and John Stockton. You also had some great “glue guys” like Kevin Willis. Also, there was some guy named Jordan who was picked #3 by the Bulls…but nobody really remembers him!

4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee Bucks (1969)

Then Lew Alcindor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rapidly became one of the most dominant players in the NBA. He was definitely good with Milwaukee, but is best-known for his work with the Los Angeles Lakers. In his prime, the sky hook was unstoppable. 

3. Shaquille O’Neal, Orlando Magic (1992)

Even considering Wilt Chamberlain, no player in basketball history has been as physically intimidating and dominating like Shaquille O’Neal. In his early days, it was his supreme athleticism that carried him. In later season, his immense size, strength, and skill flummoxed defenses. 

2. Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers (1979)

Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals is one of the greatest basketball games ever played. Additionally, you saw incredible clutch performances from both Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The former appeared to win the game for the Celtics, before Magic hit the most famous hook shot in NBA history to win the game.

  1. Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers (2003)

Lebron is always going to be at or near the head of any MVP discussion. He’s easily, the best player in the world and has been for nearly a decade. Cleveland’s a top team with depth, so the stats may be the only thing that’s lacking from this resume. The team’s 2016 title was a huge boon for his resume. 

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