10. Reggie Watts

James Corden’s late night show has been far better and more successful than anyone could’ve ever imagined. One subtle reason are the comic stylings of Reggie Watts. The performer is phenomenal infusing his quirky brand of humor.

9. Chuy Bravo

Chelsea Lately’s show is a bit all over the place, but Chuy is certainly a welcome addition to the rest of the rag tag group. He’s not always much for conversation, but his nonverbal comic abilities are quite good. An underrated talent here.

8. Kevin Eubanks

He was never really much of a comedian, but man could Kevin Eubanks jam. For years, he and Jay Leno were a dynamic duo that ruled the late night. As the show progressed, we got to see a bit more of Eubanks’ personality.

7. Steve Higgins

This author is definitely not a fan of Jimmy Fallon and the new “Tonight Show.” Nonetheless, sidekick Steve Higgins is perfect in his role and actually brings some legit comedy to this pandering mess. Without him, this one would be close to unwatchable.

6. Guillermo Rodriguez

Guillermo is often the butt of jokes, but the extremely underrated sidekick takes it all in stride. The subtleties of Guillermo’s performances are truly unreal. He may even get his own show some day.

5. Max Weinberg

Max was always fairly underrated in the comedy department and could actually hold his own with Conan pretty well. He was even quite good in the sketches. Of course, Weinberg was best when he was hitting the drums.

4. Paul Shaffer

Love him or hate him, Paul Shaffer has been a staple of late night for decades. Musically, he’s quite brilliant. As a comedian, well…he’s okay. That being said, you can’t think Letterman without Shaffer.

3. Geoff Peterson

Honestly, this one’s unlike any other late night talk show…and that’s a very good thing. “The Late Late Show” is undoubtedly, British humor at its best, as there’s a talking mounted rhino, a robot skeleton, and a costumed horse running amuck each week night. Ferguson is the crazy glue that holds it altogether…sometimes. The show is easily at its best when things run off the rails early on.

2. Ed McMahon

McMahon was the original sidekick and still one of the most beloved personalities in late night TV. What made him so good, was that he complemented and played off Johnny Carson perfectly. He was a huge reason for the show’s immense success.

  1. Andy Richter

Conan is obviously amazing, but Andy Richter is pure late night gold. From witty quips to slapstick, this guy can do it all. When he originally left, Conan’s show took a hit. Richter is integral to the new iteration.

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