10. Congo (1995)

“Congo” wasn’t a great movie, or even a good one, but it certainly was entertaining. The premise is fairly bizarre, with genetically-altered gorillas at the forefront. The acting isn’t much either, but there’s fun and adventure to have here.

9. The Rugrats Movie (1998)

“Rugrats” was a breakout hit for Nickelodeon and even gained mainstream popularity. As the series started to wear on, viewers needed something new and different. This is when we got the grown-up versions of the show and the movie. The latter featured some major cameos and was fun, but wasn’t really a lasting hit.

8. The Shadow (1994)

“The Shadow” is the film adaptation of the classic serial of the same name. Alec Baldwin stars as the mysterious hero, who battles some pretty nefarious foes.  This one never quite hit on all cylinders, but was certainly not bad.

7. The Three Musketeers (1993)

Just looking at the cast, and especially the hairdos, this appeared to be a major dud. When you watch it though, “Musketeers” is extremely enjoyable and a lot better than it ever should’ve been. Additionally, the acting isn’t that bad at all.

6. It (1990)

Hokey, goofy, and cringeworthy…people still love the original “It.” Is it scary? Not really, but Tim Curry is creepy enough to give it life (pun intended). This one certainly hasn’t held up well, but its fondness still exists,

5. FernGulley: The Last Rainforest (1992)

In the environmentally conscious 1990’s, and long before Al Gore, well at least THAT Al Gore, “FernGulley” took on the topics of preservation and conservation. The film was fairly well-received, but the message plays pretty heavy throughout. This makes for a smart, but somewhat laborious watch.

4. Clue (1985)

Based on the mega-hit board game, “Clue” is exponentially-better than it ever should’ve been. It featured an all-star cast and more fun that you could pack into a 90 minute movie. The execution here is just so, so good that you can’t but love the film.

3. Kinsey (2004)

This true story of the famous sex researcher of the same name. This one is equal parts touching (get your mind out of the gutter), poignant, and funny…a truly underrated film. Liam Neeson is excellent in the starring role. 

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Some love it…and some hate it. This author is kind of in the middle, but the film truly was a unique viewing experience, to say the least. “Rocky Horror” is also a strange and interesting take on the musical genre. I still can’t believe that’s a young Susan Sarandon.

  1. The Hunt For Red October (1990)

This was the first of the uber-successful Jack Ryan films. In this one, Ryan’s looking to track down a Russian nuclear sub that his gone AWOL. The amazing strength of Red October is found in its suspense and ridiculously good performances. Beyond just Baldwin and Connery, Scott Glenn, Stellean Skarsgard, and Sam Neil turn in gems to make this one of the more interesting films of the 1990’s.

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