Today, we’re gonna look at the ALL-TIME BEST 10 TV DOCTORS! Now, we’ve limited it to those in the allied medical professions. So, no Dr. Sheldon Cooper, but we’ll get to him one day.

10. Dr. John Dorian-Scrubs

If you like your TV docs a little on the funny side, you might wanna go with J.D. Actually, probably not. The Scrubs hospital looks like circus mixed with a flea market. Nonetheless, while you might die, you’d probably have a good laugh too. So, that’s something at least…

9. Dr. Drake Ramoray-Friends

Dr. Ramoray is actually Friends character, Joey Tribbiani’s role on Days of Our Lives. Confused yet, we’ll so is Joey. Anyways, Ramoray is a renowned neurosurgeon who encounters all kinds of soap opera hijinks on the show. You may ask yourself, how could Joey be a neurosurgeon without a working brain of his own? Well, just freaking go with it. Would have loved for this to be the spin-off show instead of Joey…oh well.

8. Dr. Doogie Howser-Doogie Howser M.D.

I get that Doogie’s a teen prodigy and all, but I’m still not sure if I’d want somebody who’s supposed to be in junior high taking care of me. I know what I was like at that age, heaven forbid a pretty girl or a monkey walk by while I’m using a tongue depressor on somebody. Why a monkey would walk by, I dunno…but I watched Every Which Way But Loose a lot when I was that age.

7. Dr. Jack Shephard-Lost

Jack seems like a pretty good physician, but his real talents are as a survivalist. He’s prone to go bonkers on a deserted island that, may or may not be some metaphysical form of limbo, but who isn’t from time to time? As I see Lost as a serious version of Gilligan’s Island, Jack would probably be the Professor. Still haven’t worked out who would be Lovie yet…damn!

6. Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable-The Cosby Show

Old Cliffy is an obstetrician who somehow works out of his house. Seeing him in action on The Cosby Show, leads one to believe that he’s a pretty good doctor with excellent bedside manner. As long as he doesn’t drone on about sandwiches and Hillman, he’s a pretty solid choice if you’re having a baby.

5. Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy-Star Trek

To all the smart docs on this list, let’s see you practice medicine in space. Whatcha’ gonna do brother when a Klingon has kidney stones or Spock gets the clap? Only Bones would know that. Beyond just keeping the Enterprise stocked with Tylenol PM, Bones is a valuable advisor to Kirk and the rest of the crew. So, he’s kinda pulling double duty.

4. Dr. Gregory House-House M.D.

Let’s face it, House is a jerk…a massive jerk, but he’s a heck of a doctor. If you’ve got some rare disease or crazy unusual thing wrong with you, House is your guy. Plus, he’s got some pretty smart folk working with him. All in all, I’d probably go see him.

3. Dr. Frasier Crane-Cheers/Frasier

Frasier being a psychiatrist and all, he would deal with all your mental health needs. While personally, I felt as though his brother Niles was the better practitioner, Frasier has a calming influence about him that would be comforting if you’re going through a crisis. On Cheers, he seemed a bit more unhinged, but on Frasier the good doctor seemed exceptionally warm and compassionate.

2. Dr. ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce-M*A*S*H*

If you’re in combat and in need of a surgeon, Hawkeye’s your dude. What I love about this TV doc is that he also has a great sense of humor and truly fights for his patients. That’s all you could really hope for if you’re fighting in Korea.

1. Dr. John Carter-ER

When we first meet Carter, he’s a young, inexperienced medical student being put through the paces by Eriq La Salle. Over the course of the outstanding series, Carter becomes a seasoned doctor. When not battling substance issues, Carter is money in the ER. If something serious happens to you, you’d be hard pressed to do better than him.


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