The Commander-In-Chief is often portrayed, for better or worse, on the silver screen. As viewers, we can’t help but compare these fictional Presidents to the real-life folk who get to set-up shop in the Oval Office. For this one, we’re only looking at FICTIONAL movie Presidents.


10. James Dale (Jack Nicholson)-Mars Attacks! (1996)

Everybody thought this was a comedy, but I’m pretty sure this is how Jack would actually be as President. Watching Mars Attacks!, I’ve always wondered how they got a stellar cast for such a terrible and twisted movie. It wasn’t filmed in Colorado, was it?

9. Jackson Evans (Jeff Bridges)-The Contender (2000)

It’s like a stoner’s dream, “The Dude” becomes President. Well, Bridges has a bit of a different role in this one. I’ve always seen Jeff as a Midwest version of Al Pacino. He really displays his versatility in The Contender.Dave Kovic/Bill Mitchell (Kevin Kline)-Dave (1993)

8. Dave Kovic/Bill Mitchell (Kevin Kline)-Dave (1993)

Dave is the comedic version of Dead Ringers (not a comedy, BTW), without the whole creepy gynecologist thing. Well, I guess there kind of is that Sigourney Weaver falling in love with her husband’s lookalike. Now that I think about it, Dave was a pretty messed-up movie.

7. Merkin Muffley (Peter Sellers)-Dr. Strangelove (1964)

The uber-talented Peter Sellers played numerous roles in this one. It’s a shame how people seem to have forgotten Dr. Strangelove, as the film is an all-time classic. Sellers is brilliant, and his President Muffley is both hilarious and utterly terrifying.

6. Thomas Benson (Lloyd Bridges)-Hot Shots! (1991)

Lloyd Bridges is easily the funniest President on this countdown. Plus, he’s not bad at hand-to-hand combat either. When this one came out, people cringed at the thought of this character leading the free world. Now, the more frightening this is that Charlie Sheen was our only hope. Tiger Blood!

5. Tom Beck (Morgan Freeman)-Deep Impact (1998)

Morgan Freeman was an amazing President in Deep Impact. Not amazing enough to stop worldwide devastation, but that’s a pretty tough ask without a Death Star or something. What I love about Freeman in this movie, is that he makes you feel completely at ease…while telling you that you’re utterly screwed.

4. Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman)-Independence Day (1996)

I’m of the opinion that all prospective Presidents should have to fly alongside Randy Quaid. President Whitmore was a true-blue badass, flying his own jet and shooting down the aliens that ruined Will Smith’s BBQ. Plus, he had to endure days cooped up with Jeff Goldblum. I can’t believe Jeff Goldblum AND Randy Quaid were in this movie. These aliens were really crappy at picking planets to invade.

3. Jack Stanton (John Travolta)-Primary Colors (1998)

This one’s kinda, sorta a fictional President. See, Stanton is said to have been based on Arkansas’s own, Bill Clinton. Watching Primary Colors, you can see that the similarities are pretty striking. Like Clinton, Stanton seems lovable and endearing, even when doing some pretty crappy things. No, Monica Lewinsky is not covered in this one…and no, it doesn’t discuss how Al Gore might or might not have created the internet. I know I’m pushing it a bit, as Stanton wasn’t actually President in the film, but the performance was too good to leave off.

2. Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas)-The American President (1995)

Andrew Shepherd was a pretty good POTUS. He was smart, dashing, and had a good handle on foreign policy. Yeah, he turned the White House into his own love nest, but so did Bill Clinton. At least, Shepherd didn’t allow the demise of Glass-Stegall. This flick was actually the inspiration for The West Wing.

1. James Marshall (Harrison Ford)-Air Force One (1997)

This is one President who hates stowaways, especially if they’re Russian terrorists. I really think Harrison Ford could have branded “Get off my plane!” kind of how Arnold did with “I’ll be back.” He could’ve even used it in all of his subsequent movies. Firewall: “Get out of my bank!” Cowboys & Aliens: “Get off my horse!” Indiana Jones 4: “Get me out of my contract!” Yep, Indiana Jones 4 was that freaking bad!



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