I decided to take reader requests, so today we’re tackling this gem: 10 CELEBRITIES WHO WOULD NOT DO WELL IN PRISON!

There’s no order here, as all of these folk would have a rough go of it, should they land in prison.  

Larry David

Larry’s seems about as neurotic as they come. He would likely annoy the living crap out of his fellow inmates, to the point were you would fear for his safety. Furthermore, can you see this guy actually using a public toilet? How would Larry do in prison?…pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty bad.

Mariah Carey

If you look up “Diva” in a dictionary (or just Google it, anyone under 30), you’ll see Mariah’s picture. Plus, she’s not regarded as the nicest person in the world. For those reasons, prison might not be the best place for her.

Howie Mandel

Howie’s well-know as a germaphobe, which I can’t imagine would lend itself to prison life. I mean, how could the guy even take a shower or use the bathroom without having some sort of panic attack? Don’t even get me started on cavity searches. Poor Howie better stay on the straight and narrow.

Andy Dick

Extremely annoying and has the most punchable face in Hollywood. This does not bode well for the appropriately named Dick. I’d honestly put the over/under on a two days that he would last in prison.

Nancy Grace

Considering she probably put many of her fellow inmates in prison, Nancy Grace would have a rough time. On top of that, she seems absolutely insufferable as a person. For those reasons, Grace should just stick to her horrible and mind-numbingly stupid television show.

Justin Bieber

While I’d rather deport him, there is a decent chance, given his recent behavior, that old Biebs actually ends up in the slammer at some point. He really needs to not let this happen. While yeah, he’d probably be isolated, were he put in gen pop, he would not belieb (see what I did there) how much most of the country can’t stand him.

Jeff Goldblum

You only have to see Goldblum on screen for a matter of minutes to know he would not fare well in prison. The man seriously has to be from another planet or something. Plus, he seems all touchy-feely, which might be a problem when he’s up the river. All and all, don’t expect Goldblum to last long.

Tiger Woods

Tiger’s biggest problem is that he might be a sex addict. While sex in prison is certainly not unheard of, I’m not sure its the kind he’s looking for, if you know what I mean. Plus, he doesn’t always come off as the nicest guy in the world, so he might get some static.

Kevin Hart

While Hart might actually be the nicest guy in real life, I honestly can’t think of a more annoying celebrity (even including, Jeff Goldblum). The man is just always “on.” Which means that it’s only a matter of time until someone turns him “off” in prison.

Kathy Griffin

If Kevin Hart is the most annoying celebrity on the planet, then Kathy Griffin is not far behind. She almost seems to be the female Andy Dick…which is not a good thing at all. I also can’t see her making many friends in prison.


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