Tales From The Crypt

Pretty much anybody who was anybody in the 1990’s appeared in or directed an episode of “Tales From The Crypt.” They even dug-up Humphrey Bogart…sort of. Hanks became a major Hollywood player in the early 90’s and got to direct an episode of “Crypt.” In addition, the Oscar-winning actor even made a cameo appearance in the episode.

Band of Brothers

While most know that Hanks was a driving force behind “Band of Brothers,” few know that he actually had a small acting part in the critically-acclaimed miniseries. Hanks briefly appeared as a British officer during “Brothers'” magical run.

From The Earth To The Moon

Like “Band of Brothers,” Tom Hanks was majorly-influential in the creation of “From The Earth To The Moon.” Towards the end of the miniseries, Hanks played a French film director in the early days of motion pictures.

Happy Days

Hanks has a one-episode run as a doctor on “Happy Days.” It’s really funny how so many acclaimed actors start out with bit parts in sitcoms. Hanks would go onto appear in many more and get his big break in “Bosom Buddies.”

Family Ties

Tom Hanks appeared on “Family Ties” a handful of times. Alongside Michael J. Fox, Hanks was one of the more promising comedic stars in the mid-1980’s.


“Taxi” is one of the all-time great sitcoms. Tom Hanks made a brief appearance during the show’s amazing run. At the time, Hanks was playing off-beat supporting comedic roles.

The Love Boat

“The Love Boat” has its haters and…well, lovers. The show was solid at times, pandering at others. Nonetheless, Hanks had one of his earliest roles on the bizarre sitcom. Thankfully for Tom, they didn’t offer him a full-time gig. 

30 Rock

This one’s almost unfair, as “30 Rock” is pretty much just a show filled with cameos. Notwithstanding, Hanks makes an appearance as himself and laughs it up with Tina Fey and the gang. 

Radio Flyer

“Radio Flyer” is a forgotten drama from the early-1990’s, which tackled some serious issues, most notably child abuse. Hanks plays one of the two main characters when he’s all grown up. While not on-screen for more than a few moments, Hanks was a big star at the time, and had a pretty big impact on the film. 

The Simpsons Movie

Similar to “30 Rock,” “The Simpsons Movie” is littered with cameo after cameo after cameo. Sure, Tom Hanks never appears on screen, but his voice over work is pretty prominent at times. 

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