The “Show About Nothing” covered everything and everybody. So much so, that many of today’s stars had small roles in the classic sitcom.


10. Peter Dinklage, (The Wink, 1995)

There’s a lot to like about Game of Thrones. Most notably, Dinklage’s tour de force as Tyrion Lannister. Long before, he made an appearance on Seinfeld…well sort of. See, Dinklage never actually appeared on the show, but did provide the smoky voice for Elaine’s wake-up call service.

9. Denise Richards, (The Shoes, 1993)

Before her run with Chief Tiger Blood, Denise Richards had a small part as NBC Exec Russell Dalrymple’s daughter. Yep, the same daughter’s whose cleavage George had a Leone-esque stare down with. You could always leave it to Costanza to be the creepy one…and the one to pop the Bubble Boy.

8. Katherine Keener, (The Letter, 1992)

Prior to huge roles in Being John Malkovich and Capote, Keener was a fledgeling artist who saw too may Neil Simon flicks. Besides ripping off Simon, she did “create” “The Kramer.”

7. Michael Chiklis, (The Stranded, 1991)

Vic Mackey himself was even a part of “the Sein” early in its run. He played an annoying yuppie from Long Island who took advantage of Jerry’s good nature. It’s really amazing to see Chiklis with hair. He actually looks much younger bald than with the scraps of hair in this one.

6. Brad Garrett, (The Bottle Deposit, 1996)

Before gaining fame as Robert Barone, Ray’s OCD brother with an inferiority complex, he was Tony…Jerry’s OCD mechanic with an inferiority complex. Most notable in this episode was his destruction of JFK’s golf clubs. Somewhere, Sue Ellen Mischke laughs and J. Peterman weeps.

5. Debra Messing, (The Yada Yada, 1997)

Jerry got more than he wanted when Beth (Messing) broke up with her significant other and turned to the cereal-loving funny man for solace. While attractive, you can only date a racist for so long…even when you’re an Anti-Dentite yourself.

4. Jeremy Piven, (The Pilot, 1993)

Piven, long before Ari Gold, was slated to play George in the show-within-a-show. The role was right in his wheelhouse, as he got to once again play a mercurial asshole. Just think Costanza meets Patrick Bateman.

3. Jon Favreau, (The Fire, 1994)

Seriously though, who hasn’t heard of Bozo The Clown? Well apparently Favreau, playing the far less iconic Eric The Clown. Probably his biggest accomplishment in this one was beating George with his big shoe after Costanza pushed women and children out of the way during a fire escape.

2. Courtney Cox, (The Wife, 1994)

The future Friends star played Jerry’s fake wife, all just to cash in on a dry cleaning discount. Trouble was brewing though, when the two started to act like an actual husband and wife. Still, this marriage seemed more realistic than Monica and Chandler’s union nearly a decade later

1. Bryan Cranston, (multiple episodes)

Tim Whatley DDS  was not merely a bit part like most of these on this list. Cranston was hilarious as a re-gifting recent convert to Judaism. Not just for the jokeS either! Cranston would go on to the role of his life as meth kingpin, Walter White on Breaking Bad. With major roles in Argo and Godzilla, Cranston’s career is booming…or at least on a boat with the Pope and Raquel Welch.

Well, there you have it Seinfeld fans,  the ALL-TIME 10 BIGGEST CELEBS YOU NEVER KNEW APPEARED ON SEINFELD.

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for the  ALL-TIME BEST 10 ALBUMS OF THE 1990’S







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