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What is Rey’s standing in the Star Wars Universe?

Who is Rey? Is she Luke’s daughter? Leia’s? Obi-Wan? I’m definitely not condoning that they give everything away, but we do need some pretty significant breadcrumbs on the way to Episode 9. Can’t believe this won’t be addressed.

What is a porg?

Probably the bigger question is how annoying will props be, especially in what is generally regarded as the darkest Star Wars film since Empire? Are we talking Ewoks here, or Jar Jar level of annoying?

More Finn

In this author’s opinion, Finn was a major letdown in The Force Awakens. Sure, the character had an arc, but there was little depth here. Seemingly, this will get rectified in The Last Jedi. We need more, not in terms of backstory, but with regard to motivation and moral direction.

Much more Poe

Similar to Finn, we didn’t get a ton of Poe in The Force Awakens. Furthermore, Poe seems to be a much more intriguing character. Is he the new Han Solo or something completely different? Love to see him in some space combat scenes.

Who is Kylo Ren?

Ok, ok…we know he’s Ben Solo…BUT who really is Kylo Ren. Specfically, who are the Knights of Ren and how do they relate to the matters at hand. What is Kylo’s relationship like with Luke?


Pretty self-explanatory, but Snoke and his true nature is probably the biggest question flummoxing Star Wars fans. Will we get answers in The Last Jedi? Maybe…but they have to leave a few surprises for Episode 9.

Where does Chewbacca go from here?

*SPOLIERS* Han Solo =dead. What’s in store for our favorite Wookie? Who knows, but they should definitely make his a more dour appearance in this film. Chewie and Han were like peas and carrots.

The Last Jedi?

Sure, we’ve all seen the trailers at this point, but what is truly meant by the film’s title, “The Last Jedi?” Is this mean to signal that the Jedi order dies with Luke? Is Rey the last Jedi? Who knows, but plan in this question to be central to the plot.


Given the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, what is Leia’s role in the film and how will it be changed with her passing? This will be quite the delicate and controversial topic, but there’s really no perfect way to handle it. Hopefully, she just gets the proper send-off she richly deserves.

Luke + Lightsaber

We’ve waited 30 years…30 FREAKING YEARS…to see Luke back in action. I get it, he’s old and just a wee bit jaded. Nonetheless, he’s the baddest dude on the block and we want him to kick some serious ass. Sure, the saga will and needs to go a new direction, but closure is also a must.

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