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Spring is here (for most of us)!!! That means that it’s time for a procession of concerts to come to a town near you.


10. Jimmy Buffett

If you like drunken Baby Boomer beach parties, you’ll love spending a night with Jimmy…and maybe your parents too. Buffett’s concerts are usually some of the most festive of the summer. Be sure to bring your parrot.

9. Billy Joel

The Piano Man himself is back and slated to play select dates. Hyped atmospheres and Billy’s silky smooth voice are sure to make for a perfect date night.

8. Dave Matthews Band

A DMB concert is the perfect compliment to a hot summer evening, right? If you wanna make some quick cash, sell ham and cheese sandwiches near the exit for $50 a piece. Anybody who has been to a DMB show knows exactly what I mean.

7. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

I got to see this one in person a month ago…it was amazing. Bruce and company played for nearly 3 hours straight! Tom Morrello was at his shredding best. The best part though, the tribute to the late Clarence Clemons.

6. Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars

Two of the hottest artists today. Seriously, Super Bowl halftime shows, dancing marshmallows (ok, Minions), and a giant freaking hat straight out of Curious George. Everything these guys touch is gold right now.

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga brings her circus on acid to a town near you. Seriously, Batman Returns called. It wants its set back.

4. One Direction

What Jimmy Buffett is to Baby Boomers, One Direction is to tweens. Not exactly my cup of tea, but tickets will sell out before you can say “Deport Beib—.” Damn!

3. Justin Timberlake

When he’s not duking it out with Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins on screen, JT steals more dates than patrons at an Otis Day and the Knights concert. Two of you probably got that reference.

2. Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert

Two of country’s biggest crossover artists share the stage in what has become a pretty tough ticket itself. These two will play in front of massive crowds at stadiums across the country.

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce

Music’s uber power couple bring their On the Run Tour to a stadium near you. This is sure to be one of the hottest tours of the last decade. Which, if they hit the midwest in July, could literally be true.


Hope you enjoyed, and better yet, get to check out some of these awesome concerts. We’re back next for MOVIE MONDAY where we’ll be breaking down the ALL-TIME BEST 10 SCIENCE FICTION MONSTER MOVIES




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