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10. Guns N’ Roses

Still in the midst of their highly-anticipated reunion tour, Gn’R have generally received mixed reviews. Some laud their most engaging tour since the late-1980s, while others chide a band who may well be past their prime. Whatever the case, who knows if the band will ever tour again.

9. Ed Sheeran

Sheeran has become one this generations most prolific singer-songwriters. He’s especially popular with the young crowd, famous for his empassioned live performances. Fans will get to experience for themselves in 2018, as the artist tours the world, full of new hits.

8. Pearl Jam

Generally regarded as one of the best live acts in music, Pearl Jam will run the globe once again. Part hit jukebox, part jam band…they’ll please all comers. The magic here, is that each show seems to be unique, with surprises all over the place. This band has truly transcended generations.

7. Pink

A pop sensation in her early days, Pink has matured into an amazingly nuanced artist. She’s always possessed elite musical talent, but her live performances have only seemed to become better and more elaborate as the years have gone by. Expect high-dollar theatrics.

6. Foo Fighters

Quite possibly the best rock band in the world, Foo Fighters continue their “Concrete and Gold Tour” into 2018. Thus, far the tour has been an impressive effort and only further-cemented the band’s legacy. Will be tough to find a harder-rocking tour.

5. U2

After the incredible “Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour,” U2 returns to the “innocence + experience” tour. This one will be pretty interesting, as “Songs of Experience” is a new arrival and has, thus far, received some pretty mixed reviews. Despite their recent recordings, the band is phenomenal live.

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s always been one of best and most innovative live performers in music today. As evidenced by her Super Bowl halftime show just a few years ago, Perry gives us the original and unexpected. Not sure you’ll get dancing sharks, but this one will certainly be memorable.

3. Lady Gaga

Like Katy Perry and a few others, Lady Gaga is known for putting on quite the live show. In recent years though, she’s given us tender, stripped down moments that really highlight her astounding vocal abilities. While ticket prices will be high, they’re definitely worth it.

2. Bruno Mars

Mars is rapidly becoming one of the biggest artists of the past 50 years. A combination of amazing vocal ability and intangible showmanship, Mars is rapidly becoming essential viewing. So…maybe check him out in ’18.

  1. Taylor Swift

Whether or not you’re a fan, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift in a phenomenon who currently has no peer when it comes to popularity. The only recent comparison, in terms of notoriety, would be Michael Jackson. Make no mistake about it, Swift is also mega-talented.


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