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10. The Cutting Edge (1992)

This is a classic “duck out of water” story, where a hockey player teams with a figure skater to challenge for the gold at the Olympics. The plot is fairly predictable, but is decently acted and surprisingly good at times.

9. Sudden Death (1995)

Anybody who knows me, knows that there are few things I love more than JCVD and hockey. Well, Merry Christmas to me! This was one of the more intricate plots to a JCVD movie. I was hoping the story would be a little tighter and that we would get a few more awesome fight scenes, but still pretty good.

8. D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

The sequel wasn’t nearly as good as the original, but did introduce us to some interesting new characters. The whole “international play” thing was a bit far-fetched, but it was a kid’s movie, so suspension of disbelief has to be a bit high. The plot is very predictable, but that’s not always a bad thing.

7. Youngblood (1986)

The “Brat Pack” meets the hockey. Rob Lowe stars as a young prodigy who tries to make it in a tough Canadian town. The late Patrick Swayze also makes an appearance. It’s like “Footloose” meets “Happy Gilmore.”

6. Goon (2011)

Stifler (Seann William Scott) fights and claws his way onto a minor league hockey team. This is a story of hockey’s dark side, or at least its seedy underbelly. This one actually features some pretty solid performances given the strange subject matter.

5. Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Most sports movies are inherently underdog stories. “Mystery, Alaska” concerns a rag-tag hockey team in Alaska somehow battling it out with the New York Rangers. The plot is pretty ridiculous, but the acting and storytelling are solid. You can’t help though, coming away a bit disappointed at the end.

4. The Mighty Ducks (1992)

The original is a fantastic kids movie that plays well with adults too. This is a story of redemption, which comes in many forms. It’s also the tale of growing up and how it’s never too late to embrace your potential. Despite that long-winded intro, the film is extremely fun and really holds up well.

3. Happy Gilmore (1996)

Truly one of Adam Sandler’s funniest movies, which used to be saying something. Sandler is a hockey player turned pro golfer, who terrorizes Bob Barker and learns the meaning of life from Carl Weathers. Ultimately though, its about beating Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald).

2. Miracle (2004)

Many of Disney’s sports movies are extremely hokey and intolerably sweet. “Miracle” is much more intense, intimate, and emotionally stirring. The film does an outstanding job of capturing the zeitgeist of the early-1980’s. The speech before the semifinal game is one of the most powerful moments in movie history.

1. Slap Shot (1977)

The king of all hockey movies, “Slap Shot” combines excellent sports drama with hilarious comedy that is timeless. Paul Newman is awesome in the leading role, but the Hanson brothers steal the show. This one is a genuine underrated comedy that all hockey fans should see a dozen times.

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