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10. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels-Bad Blood 2004

While the match had its lulls and was a bit too long, there was still some epic storytelling. Michaels and Triple H always had a special chemistry in the ring. Inside the cell, the synergy in their brutality was amazing. If you’re more into high spots, there were a number in this clash of WWE Hall of Famers (sorry haters, Triple H is a lock).

9. Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar-No Mercy 2002

2002 was the “Year of the Beast,” as Brock Lesnar became a massive star in a company already loaded with them. The icing on the cake for Brock was a date with Taker inside the cell. The match was crazy-physical and relentlessly brutal. Fans who were disappointed with their match at Mania XXX should check this one out ASAP. 

8. Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin vs. Rock vs. Triple H vs. Rikishi vs. Undertaker-Armageddon 2000

Today’s “workrate junkies” crap all over this one, but it’s still one of the most fun matches to watch in the entire Attitude Era. Plus, can you believe such an incredible collection of talent actually did battle in a single cell match? People still whine about how Rikishi didn’t belong, but he was one of the best things about it, especially the ridiculous bump he took towards the end. Anyways, I think he did it for The Rock…

7. Undertaker vs. Triple H-Wrestlemania XXVIII

I’m really not sure how this match represented “the end of an era,” as both men would go on to wrestle for years after its outcome. That aside, people either love this cell match or hate it. Me personally, I mostly fall into the former camp. While the match is not the best cell match, it’s still outstanding, especially the first half. The second half tends to drag a bit and the inclusion of HBK as the ref was hit-or-miss.

6. Batista vs. Triple H-Vengeance 2005

Everybody was looking forward to a Triple H/Batista feud after Evolution broke up. Their match at Mania XXI was just OK. At Vengeance later that year, the two engaged in the closest thing WWE’s ever come to a Japanese-style Death Match. Macabre weapons were plentiful and blood flowed like water. What people forget is how much more violent the Ruthless Aggression Era was than the Attitude Era.

5. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho-Judgement Day 2002

All-in-all, the Triple H/Chris Jericho feud was pretty disappointing. A lot of this had to do with how weak Jericho was booked. Their match at Mania 18 gets a lot of crap, but it wasn’t that bad. It just had the misfortune of following Hogan/Rock. Judgment Day 2002 was their biggest match yet and it was truly outstanding. The Pedigree on top of the cell is still timeless.

4. Edge vs. Undertaker-Summerslam 2008

Edge/Taker was such an amazing feud, but gets little to no pub because it was a bit too rated R (see what I did there) for the PG Era. The two tore the place down at Wrestlemania XXIV and followed it up with an incredible cell match at Summerslam. I still contend that Edge was the last truly great heel. Yeah, there was CM Punk, but he was more of the “cool heel” than the dastardly gutter trash that was Edge.

3. Triple H vs. Cactus Jack-No Way Out 2000

This one seems to be a forgotten classic, especially considering how much praise the Foley/HHH street fight at Rumble 2000 rightfully gets. While this one had its fair share of brutality, the carnage took a back seat to amazing story telling. The feud itself is often overlooked as well, due to Rock/HHH taking center stage once again shortly after. 

2. Mankind vs. Undertaker-King of the Ring 1998

There’s really nothing else that can and needs to be said about this one. It’s truly one of the most memorable matches in wrestling history. How Mick Foley is able to stand, I have no clue. For those who know wrestling, Foley being thrown off the cage was shocking, but not nearly as terrifying as the cell breaking post-choke slam. You could tell that such a calamity wasn’t supposed to happen. If you don’t believe me, just check out Taker’s facial expression.

1. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker-Badd Blood 1997

The one that started it all…and still the best to this day. Many put this tilt down, calling it a glorified squash match. But, guess what folks? The match made sense. See, HBK had screwed over Taker for months leading up to Badd Blood and had schemed his way out of each bid for Taker to get revenge. Thus, there was nowhere to hide inside the cell. Michaels took the beating he should have until Kane made his first appearance, costing Taker the match. This was one of the best matches in WWE history.

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