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10. Max Headroom

Well…how can words accurately describe this strange little show. Essentially, a detective has to solve crimes with his computer avatar. Trust me, the show is actually much better than it sounds, and quite funny. 

9. DuckTales

Banking on the fame of one Donald Duck, “DuckTales” introduces us to Scrooge McDuck and his wise-cracking nephews. While the show sounds like a cheap knock-off, it’s actually quite good and the characters are surprisingly complex. 

8. 21 Jump Street

If you’ve seen the movies, the premise here is pretty much the same, except that the TV show isn’t a comedy. Essentially, this series was like one long, flashy music video. Oh…and it launched some guy named Johnny Depp. 

7. A Different World

While in general, the Huxtables were absolutely insufferable, Theo was easily the most likable. Instead of having “A Different World” and focusing on Denise, we should have gotten a spin-off with Theo. Thinking about it know, just replace his older sister with him at Hillman and let it roll.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For those of you not alive during the late-1980’s and early-1990’s, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” were a cultural phenomenon. They were in comics, TV shows, and feature films. The TV show itself, was quite good and had some awesome action. 

5. thirtysomething

The lives of several couples and families in Philadelphia are the focus of this hit TV drama. Many of the episodes focused on an issue or topic specific to the timeframe of the show. This made for interesting and poignant TV. 

4. Unsolved Mysteries 

Oh man…if you heard the uber-creepy theme song, you knew things were about to get serious. Add in Robert Stack’s haunting voice and this was easily one of the scariest non-horror shows in TV history. Usually the content revolved around missing persons or aliens, but it was never comical. 

3. Full House

The Village People sung about the welcoming YMCA in the 1970’s (what YMCA have they been to?), but really the Tanner house is where you wanna go when “you’re short on the dough.” Seriously, are you a homeless comedian? A failed rockstar? If so, then take your act to the city by the bay. There’ll always be a place to lay your head…or your stuffed woodchuck. Don’t worry about rent, cause you can always pay us in love! Honestly, being a part of the Tanner family would be pretty good if you could get past the whole constant hugging stuff.

2. Married…with Children

This was the Fox sitcom that started it all. “Married…with Children” was a modern television phenomenon, which was unexpected, given the relatively little hype surrounding it when the show first premiered. “Children” offered us some of the most bizarre moments on network television. Truly an original…

  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation

It was an extremely tough act to follow, being the spin-off series of “Star Trek.” To match the success of the original, much less upstage it, is something truly incredible. That’s exactly what “Star Trek: The Next Generation” did. Sure, the original was long on science, but The Next Generation told more compelling stories with a broader cast of characters.

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