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11. “Speed Demon”

There’s really not a whole lot to “Speed Demon” other that some odd mixing, where the vocals and lyrics can be quite difficult to make out. Even when knowing them by heart, this one is largely unremarkable.

10. “Liberian Girl”

The song itself wasn’t that memorable, as it’s just really softer Michael Jackson fare. What is quite interesting, is the music video, which features more major cameos than anything this author can remember. This is more proof as to how popular MJ was in the 1980’s/1990’s. 

9. “Just Good Friends”

This is one of Jackson’s more somber numbers, as he and his lady friend seem to be living with some confusion about the state of their relationship. The song itself is fairly standard, but the lyrics are some of the more interesting in a Jackson work. 

8. “Another Part of Me”

This is also a fairly softer track, but “Another Part of Me” also has a bit of an edge. It’s at these moments, where we really see Jackson at his best. When the artist is angry, this is when his talent truly meets his passion, and we get some of his best works. 

7. “Leave Me Alone”

You get a little more attitude with “Leave Me Alone,” which is certainly nice to see, considering most of his song are more upbeat and poppy. This one seems directed at the paparazzi and other hangers on, who’ve taken advantage of Jackson’s remarkable fame. 

6. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”

This lightweight love song is one of the more underrated tracks from “Bad.” On the surface, it’s a pretty standard love song, but there’s quite a bit of complexity here. This is what gives “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” longevity. 

5. “Dirty Diana”

“Dirty Diana” is certainly not the most complex song in the world, but it is quite catchy and sticks in your head. The song’s meaning, well…that’s a bit more mysterious. Needless to say, in some capacity, the Diana question is quite dirty. 

4. “Smooth Criminal”

Well before the Alien Ant Farm version, Jackson offered us this frenetic masterpiece. The song is excellent, but man is the video one of the best of the decade. MJ’s dance moves were on full display here and were visually-dazzling. 

3. “Bad”

Sure “Thriller” and “Beat It” got all the pub, but “Bad” was just as good. The song was extremely catchy and hip for the time. The video is also quite incredible, with Jackson showing off his signature dance moves. 

2. “Man in the Mirror”

This ballad really shows-off Jackson’s incredible pipes, as he hits big on this emotional song. “Man in the Mirror” is as much lament, as it is hopeful, providing one of the artist’s more complex tracks.

  1. “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Not only is “The Way You Make Me Feel” the best song from “Bad,” but it’s also one of the artist’s all-time best, which is certainly saying something major. The rhythm and vocals here are some of the best you’ll ever hear. And when Jackson hits those high notes…OMG!

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