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10. “Doubleback”-ZZ Top

“Doubleback” was created by ZZ Top just for “Part III.” At that point, the franchise had become a massive success and the crossover appeal was off the charts. Thus, “Top” was involved in this one. “Doubleback” was a solid, if not unspectacular, entry to the soundtrack.

9. “Mr. Sandman”-The Chordettes

As Marty heads into Hill Valley in 1955, he hears this legendary 1950’s hit to greet him. “Mr. Sandman” harkens back to a much simpler time, when the idea of a stranger coming into your room while you’re sleeping, wasn’t necessarily creepy.

8. “I Can’t Drive 55”-Sammy Hagar

When the future is tampered with in “Part II,” the present then becomes a hellish wasteland, with Biff as the man in charge. When Marty heads to Biff’s hotel headquarters, we hear Sammy Hagar’s rebel anthem.

7. “Back in Time”-Huey Lewis and the News

While not as good as “Power of Love,” “Back in Time” is a solid way to end the outstanding first film. Lewis and the News belt out an infectious chorus, where Marty McFly learns that he’s no longer the son of a loser. Priceless!

6. “Beat It”-Michael Jackson

As McFly strolls into the 2015 cafe, we hear this Michael Jackson mega-hit blaring over the speakers. We’re then informed that the song is now a “classic.” This is when we know for sure that the future will be a wild ride.

5. “Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)”

This one is an absolute classic. While the version played in the film was not quite as good as that authored by The Penguins, it’s still a pretty good effort. Even hearing it today, “Earth Angel” triggers found memories of the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance.

4. “Johnny B. Goode”

One of the most famous moments of the first film, is McFly breaking it down at the end, and “influencing” rock legend Chuck Berry. Marty, per usual, takes it a bit too far and kills all the musical goodwill he perpetrated earlier. What a show off!

3. “Main Theme (Back to the Future Part III)”

One incredible musical work that comes from the “Back to the Future” movies is the the theme from “Part III.” Unfortunately, this one is shamefully overlooked and is really one of the best movie themes of the last few decades, on par with nearly every great western score.

2. “Back to the Future”-Alan Silvestri

The theme from “Future” is one of best-known and highest quality film themes in modern cinema. The true mark of such a successful theme, is that it sets the tone for the film and helps to propel the plot. That’s actually what Silvestri is able to achieve.

  1. “The Power of Love”-Huey Lewis and the News

Not only is “The Power of Love” the best song from any of the amazing “Back to the Future” movies, but it’s also one of the greatest movie-inspired works of all-time. Learning their mistake from “Ghostbusters,” the group authored an absolute classic, that is greatly responsible for the film’s success.

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