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Brian Benben

“Dream On”…A raunchy, hilarious sitcom that only could have aired on HBO…no seriously! The show’s premise is still unique today, with clips of old movies and tv shows interspersed for effect at comedic moments. A standout episode is “Oral Sex, Lies and Videotape,” a season premiere, guest starring James Woods and Jason Alexander. Benben was fantastic in the lead and an underrated comedic actor. 

Bronson Pinchot

“Perfect Strangers” is an oft forgotten late 1980’s/early-1990’s sitcom. The show was pretty good and Pinchot was the breakout star as “fish out of water” Balki Bartokomous. He was kind hearted and goofy, but Balki could seriously wear on your nerves. Unfortunately for Pinchot, he never really escaped the role.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

JTT was all the rage in the 1990’s, as he starred alongside Tim Allen on “Home Improvement.” Given his performance and looks, he became a heartthrob for tweens in the 90’s. Thomas went on to make a few terrible movies, but never really cashed in on his fame.

Joseph Lawrence

In my opinionation (see what I did there), the theme is terribly bad. In fact, the show wasn’t too much better. Freaking Joey was everywhere in the early-1990’s which made my life a living hell. Luckily for Mayim Bialick, she’d get the role of a lifetime on “The Big Bang Theory.” If not, people might actually remember this song. 

Paul Riser

He’s neurotic, quirky, and funny. Paul Buchman (Paul Riser) is the perfect guy for you if the George Constanza-type, minus all the lying and murdering, is what you’re looking for in a hubby. Plus, he’s a documentarian. So, you’re wedding film’s covered. His family’s pretty freaking annoying, but that’s about the only downside.

Jaleel White

Urkel was a polarizing figure in the 90’s. Many loved him, many freaking hated him. Put this author in the latter camp. I always thought Urkel was an ugly wart on an otherwise excellent family sitcom. If only we got more Carl and grandma…

Tia and Tamera Mowry

Long ago, there was a show called “Sister, Sister” which starred real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. The show launched the two into stardom, but they never did a whole lot more. The Mowry’s were like the Olsens, but less whiny (on the show) and much more charming.

Tiffani Thiessen

I have no problem admitting that I had a major crush on Kelly Kapowski of “Saved by the Bell.” In fact, I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one. Thiessen parlayed her fame from “Bell” into a major role on “Beverly Hills, 90210.” She’s had a decent run on “White Collar,” but Thiessen has largely faded from the spotlight.

Danica McKellar

For a generation before mine, the crush of choice was actually Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) from “The Wonder Years.”  She did very little after the show ended, unless of course you count her being a math genius and all.

French Stewart

Okay, okay…you’ve got the uber-annoying French Stewart to put up with, but the rest of the family is pretty cool. The best part of this show was seeing John Lithgow do comedy. Looking back at his amazing work in “Dexter,” you can really see his remarkable versatility.

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