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Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler used to be really funny. In fact, he wasn’t too bad on “The King of Queens” playing Doug’s old buddy from high school. Sandler eventually becomes vice principal, but embraces his wild side again when egged-on by Doug.

Bryan Cranston

The future Walter White played one half of Doug’s uber-annoying neighbors on “The King of Queens.” Cranston was lovably unhinged and his meltdowns were priceless. Carrie was even sympathetic to his woes…for a bit.

Burt Reynolds

During one particularly funny episode, Doug returns to his high school for a brief stint as the big man on campus. This eventually leads Doug to moon the entire school during an ill-fated pep rally. Reynolds plays Doug’s old football coach who has some harsh words for the man child.

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller was a major part of one of the more interesting King episodes. Not surprisingly, he played a relative of his father Jerry Stiller, easily the best part of the show BTW. Ben was phenomenal as he tormented a young Arthur Spooner.

Eric Roberts

Paintball was all the rage in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Thus, it made for a logical plot in a King episode. The various mainstays had their moments, but the unhinged Eric Roberts stole the show as a man who takes the game WAY, WAY too seriously.

William Hurt

In the same episode of Ben Stiller’s appearance, William Hurt played a therapist who gets Arthur to focus on his traumatic past. In fact, Hurt takes his shot at the entire Heffernan/Spooner clan. Good luck!

Ray Romano

Considering “Everybody Loves Raymond” was a huge CBS hit as well, it wasn’t too surprising that Ray Barone would show up in Queens. Usually, he was there to stir up major trouble and get Doug in a jam with Carrie, the police (not the band), and numerous others.

Jon Favreau

The acclaimed director and star of “Swingers” played an old rival of Doug’s. Heffernan, being the mature adult he is, rekindles the feud, which culminates in a hilarious fight at a playground. These two actors perfectly compliment each other.

Florence Henderson

Mrs. Brady herself, made a brief appearance on King, playing Arthur’s ex. The episode she starred in was a flashback to Doug and Carrie’s first Thanksgiving together. In typical Spooner fashion, the occasion dissolves into a massive fight and Arthur barricades himself in the bathroom.

Janeane Garofalo

Garofalo used to be quite famous back in the day. In a particularly cringeworthy “King of Queens” episode, she plays Doug’s ex who befriends Carrie. In usual Carrie fashion, she’s only friends with her to score a deal on clothes.

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