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10. Broncos def. Cowboys 26-24 (2001)

This one was all but over heading into the fourth, as Denver lead 23-3. The Cowboys though, were still hungry (pun intended) and mounted a comeback for the ages. Unfortunately for them and the home crowd, the Broncos would sneak away with a tight win.

9. Saints def. Cowboys 30-27 (2010)

This back and forth affair saw little defense in an all-time Turkey Day shootout. The Cowboys seemed to have things wrapped before making several uber-costly errors. Brees & co. opportunistically capitalized and snagged a “W” for the Saints.

8. Bills def. Chargers 27-24 (1964)

This one was the first Thanksgiving game to become a classic. The Bills and Chargers put on an absolute show, with Buffalo narrowly edging out a victory, in what would harkened memories of the AFL Championship Game that same year. 

7. Bears def. Lions 23-17 (OT) (1980)

This turned out to be one of the shortest, albeit most exciting overtimes in NFL history. On the opening kickoff, Dave Williams took it 90+ yards for a heart-pounding Detroit victory.

6. Lions def. Steelers 19-16 (1998)

This was the infamous “coin flip game,” in which the Steelers were hosed in the OT coin flip when the ref forgot which side they had called. The Lions made short work of Pittsburgh in overtime, winning one of the most controversial games in NFL history.

 5. Vikings def. Cowboys 44-38 (OT) (1987)

There’s something about Thanksgiving games and high scoring…I dunno. In 1987, the Cowboys and Vikings wore out the turf in Texas Stadium. Danny White led a dramatic drive to tie the game, but the Vikings capped-off OT with a TD and a victory.

4. Packers def. Lions 44-40 (1986)

Sometimes the worst games on paper turn out to be gold when the teams actually take the field. This is exactly what happened in 1986 when the Lions met the Packers. The Lions looked to be in control nearing the final act, but the resilient Packers somehow left town with a win.

3. Broncos def. Cowboys 24-21 (OT) (2005)

The Cowboys and Broncos played an absolute gem of a game, leading to a dramatic OT. There, outstanding Broncos kicker, Jason Elam sent Denver home happy with a hard-earned win.

2. Cowboys def. Redskins 24-23 (1974)

The Redskins had this in hand, up 16-3 and with Cowboy legend, Roger Staubach knocked-out of the game. That’s when the Cowboys staged a miraculous comeback to stun their hated rivals. 

1. Dolphins def. Cowboys 16-14 (1993)

Somewhere, Leon Lett still hides out on Thanksgiving Day. Dallas had this one sealed-up, as Lett strutted down the field for a game-clinching defensive touchdown. Carelessly holding the ball, Lett was stripped and the Dolphins regained possession before winning the game.

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