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Leah Remini

The future “Queen of Queens” would get an early role on “Bell” during their summer vacation special. Leah would play the uber-annoying resort owner’s daughter, who of course, falls in love with Zack Morris. Predictably, the owner is none too pleased.

Denise Richards

Richards appeared in the same vacation special as Leah Remini. Denise had a very brief role as Slater’s love interest, so we didn’t get a whole lot from her. Not a bad gig though, I guess…

Tori Spelling

Before hitting it big on “Beverly Hills 90210,” Spelling had a one-episode run as a Screech’s nerdy counterpart and girlfriend. This one is still odd to see, but everybody starts somewhere.

Christine Taylor

The future wife of Ben Stiller and comedic actress, Christine Taylor was also a part of “Bell.” Taylor’s run was short-lived as well, playing a young scholar who is at the center of a Zack Morris love triangle.

Tara Reid

Reid was actually on “Saved By the Bell: The New Class,” but we won’t hold that against her. Tara actually had a very, very brief role as a Bayside cheerleader, but it continued her road to stardom.

Scott Wolf

The modern primetime soap opera has few leading men as legendary as Scott Wolf. The actor would get a promising start by playing a Bayside crooner who works his charm on Jessie and the gang.

Eric Dane

Dane would go onto “steam-up” (pun intended) the set of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but would get a start on the aforementioned vacation ¬†episodes of “Bell.” Dane’s character was…well…a pretentious jerk.

Bridgette Wilson

The future star of “Billy Madison” had a recurring role on “Bell.” You could tell then that she had something incredibly special about her. But, as with most things, it took Adam Sandler to bring out her greatness.

Casey Kasem

Kasem played himself, as he brought he famous countdown to Bayside. This episode was famous for the incredible 1990’s rock group the “Zack Attack.” Oh, how many hits they had…

Soleil Moon Frye

Poor Screech, all Punky Brewster wanted was his oddly successful brand of marinara sauce and not his nerdy self. This was one of Soleil’s first major roles since playing Punky and she was devilishly good.¬†

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