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Mixed Nuts (1994)

“Mixed Nuts” was a decent mid-1990’s Steve Martin comedy about a bunch of people with mental health problems. While the film isn’t the most sensitive in the world, you still get some decent laughs. You also get Jon Stewart on roller skates. So that something…

The Nanny (1997)

Few things are more annoying than Fran Drescher’s screeching (not Dustin Diamond) voice on “The Nanny.” Unfortunately, the show’s theme song is even more annoying. It tells a backstory that no one cares about and does it in a bizarre syncopated manner that makes you wanna smash your surround sound. But, at least the show was a start for Jon Stewart.

NewsRadio (1997)

This one kind of got lost in the shuffle that was 1990’s NBC sitcoms (Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, Mad About You). Nonetheless, it was an outstanding show while Phil Hartman was a cast member. Afterwards, the quality tended to drop a bit.

Half Baked (1998)

People today forget “Half Baked,” which is sad, because it was one of the late-1990’s best comedies. It takes the classic jailbreak premise and adds in some timeless stoner humor. Dave Chappelle is one full display here, in a performance that made a star. 

The Larry Sanders Show (1996)

People who regularly read this site probably think I worked on this show or something, with the mountains of praise I heap on it regularly. I do so, as it’s truly one of the best and most original shows in television history. Pretty much any hit sitcom today owes a great deal to “The Larry Sanders Show.” If you don’t believe me, watch it and tell me I’m wrong. For much of the latter season, Jon Stewart played the foil. 

The Faculty (1998)

“The Faculty” was not a terrific movie, by any stretch of the imagination, but it could be a fairly enjoyable watch. Essentially, the plot surrounds teachers at a local high school may or may not being aliens. Jon Stewart plays one of those aliens, which is bizarre to see today given his stardom. 

Spin City (1999)

Spin City is divided into the Michael J. Fox years and the Charlie Sheen tenure. Both runs were great tv, but the Fox seasons were slightly better. What really made this one hum was the amazingly funny supporting cast. Spin City earned a lot of praise during its run, but is not remember quite as vividly as some its other sitcom peers. Stewart made guest-appearance late in the show’s run. 

Big Daddy (1999)

“Big Daddy” was one of Adam Sandler’s last really funny movies. Sandler plays a slacker man-child who gets a child of his own. The gags are pretty broad, but funny if aren’t too stuck up. Even Jon Stewart makes an appearance here. 

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

The kinda sorta sequel to “Clerks” was not on par with the original, but did have some funny moments. If you’ve seen one Kevin Smith film, you’ve kinda seen them all. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just don’t expect this to be “Citizen Kane” either. 

Death to Smoochy (2002)

Most people are split on either loving or hating this movie. This author falls into the former category. “Death to Smoochy” is crazy, off-the-wall, and hilarious. Robin Williams plays spurned kids’ show star, Rainbow Randolph, who wants to bring death to Smoochy, his obnoxious replacement. The film is stocked with dark humor and a host of outrageous moments. 

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