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A common element to many TV shows is a place where the main characters gather together. This can be a restaurant, bar, cafe, night club, etc. Oftentimes, a particular show’s most memorable scenes and moments occur here. Thus, we give you the ALL-TIME BEST 10 TV HANGOUTS!

10. Merlotte’s/Bellefleur’s-True Blood

If a side of graphic violence or blood is what you crave, then this True Blood hangout is your destination. You can get some traditional Louisiana fare and see some vampires off each other. Kind of like Anne Rice meets Chuck E. Cheese. Maybe save the tokens for some extra garlic…

9. Club Babalu-I Love Lucy

Big fans of Ricky Ricardo will love Club Babalu and all its extravagance. Just don’t be there on the same night as Lucy, and you’re going to get a heck of a show. Don’t tip well and you’ve got some serious ‘splaining to do.

8. Cafe Nervosa-Frasier

If you’re in need of a psychiatrist…or an overpriced cup ‘o joe, Cafe Nervosa is your place in the Emerald City. Don’t go when Niles is there though, cause the entire waitstaff is needed to make his uber-pretentious cup of coffee.

7. Arnold’s-Happy Days

Any place the Fonz hangs out is shoe-in for this list. Alongside a plethora of cool, Arnold’s seemed to have halfway decent food. While the jukebox was hit-or-miss, one “hit” from the Fonz and you’ll be rocking to Bill Haley and Frankie Valli all night long.

6. Moe’s Tavern-The Simpsons

Having a rough day at the local, mismanaged nuclear powerplant? After you clock-out (when the doughnuts are gone), take your sorry carcass to Moe’s for some suds. Midlife crises and prank phone calls from prepubescent sociopaths are bountiful. Plus, you have a bartender who really cares (sarcasm, Sheldon Cooper).

5. The Max-Saved by the Bell

If you were a teen in the 1990’s, you dreamed of going The Max. You had some awesome friends…and Dustin Diamond. The head waiter was also a magician…and who doesn’t like a little magic with their cheeseburger? It’s a shame that places like The Max were not really around for Gen X & Y. Instead, we got either fast food chains or dive bars.

4. Bada Bing/Satriale’s-The Sopranos

I can’t really decide between these two perfect mafia hangouts. While the Bada Bing is more for nighttime activities, Satriale’s is more for day-to-day business affairs. Hosting some nefarious Baltic arms dealers, you’d probably choose the former. If you’re meeting with higher-ups in the New York mob, probably the latter. I might give Satriale’s the slight edge, cause they make a mean sandwich.

3. Central Perk-Friends

The best place in NYC to meet-up with your favorite Friends. Central Perk has a bit of a hipster/beatnik vibe, that was all the rage in the mid-1990’s. Despite some kitsch, the music there is pretty terrible (yes Phoebe, I’m looking at you). Plus, the Friends are always hogging the best seats. You could probably get Joey’s spot with a well-placed sandwich…or seven, but the rest of them might be hard to move.

2. Monk’s-Seinfeld

By all accounts, this dinner had some pretty terrible food, especially the rubber bands in the soup (Paco!!!!). Nonetheless, there was heaps of hilarity and memorable moments at Monk’s. If that doesn’t reel you in, Yoo-hoo’s always on tap (thanks to the Bubble Boy’s dad) and lunch menu is orgasmic (ask George).

1. Cheers-Cheers

Don’t you just wish all bars were like this? Instead, you get a bunch of drunken idiots and crazy drama. Don’t have cash for beer? Sam will cover you. Have no other place to go, Mr. Claven? Cheers will take you in. Even the uber-annoying Diane Chambers is welcome at the Boston bar.

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