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10. Scrubs

While much of the show was built on clever slapstick, “Scrubs” could really tug on the heartstrings when it wanted to. That’s exactly what we got with Carla and Turk’s wedding. In typical “Scrubs” fashion, pretty much everything goes wrong along the way.

9. The Brady Bunch

While many of these entries have focused on weddings that have ended series, this one actually started the show’s run. Based on the premise of “The Brady Bunch,” the two parents at the very beginning of the show. Then, laughs and craziness ensue.

8. Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben’s wedding was solid enough, but it’s Andy and April’s that lands the show on the list. While not as memorable, this understated ceremony highlighted the subtle affection found so frequently throughout the show and in its characters.

7. Rhoda

Sure, it’s been done many times, but Rhoda’s quest to even get to the ceremony was so much fun. Pretty much everything that can go wrong does. Nonetheless, we still get our payoff at the end.

6. Beverly Hills, 90210

It might look quite dated today, but for its time, “Beverly Hills” was stylish and hip. Torrid love affairs were all over this one, but the series capped on a high note, with the marriage of David and Donna. Despite all the melodrama, this was a fitting end.

5. Friends

All the “Friends” travel to London for Ross and Emily’s wedding. Of course, there’s plenty of hilarity, especially as Joey explores the UK. The wedding itself is a bit of a mess, as the Ross-Rachel tension reaches new heights.

4. The Office (US)

For much of the show’s run, a romance between Jim and Pam seemed inevitable. Throughout the course of the run though, they would be pulled together and torn apart at various points. In the end, we’d finally get what we wanted with a hilarious and touching wedding.

3. Six Feet Under

If you haven’t seen it, “Six Feet Under” is some of the finest TV in the history of the medium. There’s plenty of love here to counterbalance all the death. The most well-known wedding was that of Nate and Brenda. While there was plenty of affection, the two could also be quite explosive.

2. General Hospital

People today, forget how popular and influential soap operas used to be. One of the most popular, “General Hospital” have gave us one of the all-time best weddings. Luke and Laura were the show’s “it” couple. Their wedding was must-see TV and one of the most watched episodes of the era.

  1. Game of Thrones

There’re a few from the show that could land on this list, but easily the most memorable is the infamous “Red Wedding.” Here, many Starks would die and unstoppable course of events would begin. The brutality here is shocking.

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