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10. Carnivale

“Carnivale” certainly wasn’t a terrible show, but given the amazing quality that HBO boasts, it ranks fairly low. This one was really, really bizarre, but toatally original. Plenty loved it, plenty hated it. One thing was for sure, nobody had seen anything like it.

9. Luck

Sadly, just so much potential wasted here. With such a pedigree behind it and an all star cast in front, there’s no reason for “Luck” to be so bad. The problem here is a lack of direction and overall disorganization. The result is a tantalizing, yet unsatisfying effort.

8. Vinyl

Another show with remarkable potential, but terrible follow through. The premise here is so good and the characters are generally interesting…BUT…a major an ridiculous twist in the middle of the first season turned-off many of the show’s viewers. Cancellation came shortly after.

7. Rome

Plenty of spectacle, but very little substance. It’s almost as if, “Rome’s” producers blew their entire budget on sets and special effects, forgetting to put actual work into the writing. The result is an uneven mess. A pretty significant fail for an otherwise sterling network.

6. Angry Boys

A “coming of age” story that…well…never really came of age. To be more exact, the show was cancelled shortly after its debut. Unlike many others on this list, “Angry Boys” actually had some substance, but it desparetly needed to pick a genre.

5. How to Make It in America

Imagine an unfunny, unenjoyable, bloated “Entourage.” Yep, this one didn’t last long and rarely rose above a “Bromance.” At the end of the day, this one’s been done before and in a much more effective manner.

4. Tell Me You Love Me

The “therapist” genre is a tough nut to crack. For every “Sopranos” (not like there’s a ton of these) they’re many, many shows that fail to hit the mark. “Tell Me You Love Me” is one of these. This one can never quite figure out what it wants to be, creating dull viewing.

3. Ja’mie: Private School Girl

Honestly, this author is not entirely sure what the hell this show is supposed to be. More sure, whatever it is, I want no part of it. Seems like audiences were on the same page. This was almost like a bad SNL film of the mid-1990s.

2. Lucky Louie

A bit before the hit “Louie,” was this confusing work. The whole “live studio audience” thing was interesting for HBO, but the show itself was quite cumbersome. It also seemed as though there was some trouble in adapting Louie’s unique brand of comedy.

  1. John From Cincinnati

Apparently, this was supposed to be some sort of retelling of the Christ story. Sure, could’ve fooled me too. But hey, surfing…savior of our mortal world? Same difference. This one was DOA and had about as much of chance as that caveman show of succeeding.

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