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10. Mr. Wizard-Mr. Wizard/Mr. Wizard’s World

Ok, ok…maybe he wasn’t some formal teacher, but Mr. Wizard freaking rocked. He could teach science in a way that wasn’t mind-numbingly boring. So, kudos for that. Sure, there were numerous Mr. Wizards, but I’m sure its a common name someplace. 

9. Carrie Bliss-Good Morning, Miss Bliss

Few know that this was actually the inspiration for “Saved By The Bell.” Upon viewing though, it’s pretty clear that the two shows are identical, except for more of a focus on Miss Bliss in the former version. Honestly, while kind-hearted, Miss Bliss was sort of annoying with her whole “everything is a lesson” schtick. 

8. Mark Cooper-Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper would’ve been an amazing teacher to have growing up. He’s wise, funny, but what was with that living situation? It was like a semi-platonic “Three’s Company.” So that was a bit weird, but nonetheless, I’d like to hang with Mr. Cooper. 

7. Mr. Garrison-South Park

Not only do you get a bizarre teacher who cares, but you also get Mr. Hat, which is a strange bonus. Pretty much every character on “South Park” is awfully demented. Mr. Garrison is probably on the low end of that, but he’d still make you uncomfortable in the classroom. 

6. The Professor-Gilligan’s Island

We don’t know a whole lot about the Professor’s teaching credentials, but he seems to know about everything. If it weren’t for stupid Gilligan, he’d have them back on the mainland and would have solved the cold fusion conundrum. I still think they should have killed and eaten Gilligan…

5. Edna Krabappel-The Simpsons

To be a teacher in Springfield, you’ve got to be tough, but also caring. Edna Krabappel does exactly this. Plus, the poor woman deserves a medal for putting up with Bart’s crap. Not sure how she’d hold up in the day of standardized testing, but whatevs…

4. Roland Pryzbylewski-The Wire

He was an entitled brat in season 1, but Prez became a teacher looking to make a difference later in the show’s run. He got a ton of exposure in season 4, when his teaching motives are put to a striking test. Prez passes with flying colors, but do his students?

3. George Feeny-Boy Meets World

Mr. Feeny was a teacher, a father-figure, and an all-knowing mentor for Cory and the gang. No matter what kind of trouble the boys got into, old Feeny was there. Toilet paper someone’s house? Feeny would be there to help you clean up. Murder a drifter? George would help you dispose of the body. That’s the kind of guy he is. 

2. Walter White-Breaking Bad

When he wasn’t a drug kingpin, Walter White was a masterful high school chemistry teacher. Well, maybe he wasn’t…given Jesse’s complete ignorance on the topic. Somewhere some idiot is still trying to poison people with rice & beans. 

1. Gabe Kotter-Welcome Back, Kotter

There’s something special about returning to your old school as a teacher. That’s what Mr. Kotter did, but he also had to deal with John Travolta and the rest of the Sweathogs. Thus, the dream may actually be a nightmare. At least he’s got that amazing theme song

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