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Motown Records goes down in history as of the greatest record labels ever. Motown produced more hits and standout artists than you shake Andy Dick at. So, were counting down…the ALL-TIME BEST 10 MOTOWN GROUPS!

10. The Isley Brothers

Primarily known for “It’s Your Thing,” The Isley Brothers also have a number of extremely underrated songs. They have longevity on their side too, bridging Motown soul with the rising funk movement in the 1970’s.

9. Martha and the Vandellas

One of Motown’s outstanding “girl groups,” whose incredible influence is still seen today, Martha and the Vandellas had an amazing sound. They had hits such as “Dancing in the Street” and “Nowhere to Run.” The group is remembered for infectious beats and astonishing versatility.

8. Four Tops

The Tops had melodies as sweet as honey and as smooth as silk. The group was one of the forerunners of “the Motown Sound.” Ultimately, they are remembered as one of the greatest vocal ensembles in the history of music.

7. The Commodores

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Motown was transitioning from traditional R&B to funk and soul. Few were better in this regard than The Commodores. The group was a hit with their core fanbase, but also with mainstream music lovers. Their hits included the timeless, “Brick House,” which is strangely played at weddings nationwide.

6. Gladys Knight & the Pips

No, not the Pimps…the Pips. While they didn’t join Motown until the mid-1960’s, this group fit in quite nicely. They had a number of major hits, but they are forever remembered for their unique sound and crossover success.

5. Boyz II Men

A perfect example of the staying power of Motown Records, Boyz II Men dominated R&B in the 1990’s. The group was as smooth and soulful as The Temptations, but also had a major gospel influence, making for some pretty original stuff. This also resulted in perfect love-making music for Gen X.

4. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

This Motown group had way too many hits to mention in this blurb. More importantly, they were one of the first major breakthrough artists for the record label. They completely epitomized “the Motown Sound.”

3. Jackson 5

The Partridge Family comes to life! The Jackson 5 were about as significant in 1970’s pop music as any other artist or group of the time. They had hits such as “ABC” that rocketed through the charts and were the jumping off point for Michael Jackson’s solo career. Pretty good, huh?

2. Diana Ross & the Supremes

Simply, the greatest all-female ensemble in the history of popular music. Diana Ross & the Supremes were an unstoppable force until Ross decided to go solo. The had far too many #1 hits to list here. Just know, that they are hugely responsible for the evolution of R&B.

1. The Temptations

The Temptations were a hit-making machine in the 1960’s and 1970’s. “My Girl” and “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” are just the beginning. The group had an amazing synergy that led to some of the sweetest harmonies in music history. When you think of Motown, you can’t help but think of The Temptations.


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