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No, not the hit medical drama “ER.” This one was an off-beat comedy that aired briefly in the mid-1980’s. Clooney had a small bit part on a few episodes. Actually, the whole run was only a few episodes.

The Facts of Life

Beyond just a minor appearance here and there, Clooney had a pretty substantial role on “The Facts of Life.” While the show doesn’t exactly hold up well today, “Facts” was an uber-popular show in the 1980’s, which really gave Clooney’s star a boost. 

Murder, She Wrote

This was one of the most unique plots of what was the early form of a dramedy. Clooney had an extremely small part on one episode in the late-1980’s. He didn’t get a ton of screen time, but any exposure at that point was beneficial. 

The Golden Girls

Being on “The Golden Girls” was often a rite of passage for many upcoming stars in the late-1980’s/early-1990’s. Clooney got his chance in a particularly hilarious episode of the show. The girls have fun with George and his dashing looks. 


“Roseanne” was one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990’s. Clooney was a recurring character on the show and played an on-again/off-again boyfriend for Jackie. His character wasn’t always so likable, but he still had charisma. 

Bodies of Evidence

“Bodies of Evidence” was a cop drama in the early-1990’s that kinda got lost in the shuffle. This was one of Clooney’s first starring roles and really set the stage for him to be a major player on “ER” a few years later. 


“Sisters” was a solid NBC drama in early to mid-1990’s. Clooney had a nice multiple episode run as a suave detective. This was a major role at the time for the actor, and really showed him off to the NBC brass that would make him a star a bit later. 

South Park

This one might surprise folks. Clooney actually did the voice of Stan’s dog on a strange episode of “South Park.” Who am I kidding? Every episode in the show’s lengthy run was extremely strange. Anyways, this was a pretty big get to feature the peaking George Clooney. 

Murphy Brown

Another sitcom that was a rite of passage for young actors was “Murphy Brown.” Clooney was well-established at the time, as “ER” was running hot. He had a cameo in the finale, as…you guessed it…a doctor. Color me shocked. 


In what was kinda sorta a crossover between “ER” and “Friends”, Clooney and Noah Wyle appeared on the sitcom as, you guessed it, doctors. While they weren’t Doug Ross and John Carter, the two managed to swoon the “Friends” women. This one would be higher on the list, had Clooney been a bigger star at the time. 

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