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10. Don’t Come Around Here No More

Tom Petty videos are always a trip, but this one takes the cake. The whole “Alice in Wonderland” theme is ridiculously cool, but also extremely creepy as well. The video starts out weird, but only gets weirder as it goes on. Maybe this where David Lynch got the idea for “Twin Peaks”?

9. American Girl

One of Petty’s biggest hits, “American Girl” is extremely catchy and fun. The artist really lets loose here, providing a spirited an emotional work. When you hear it, you really can’t help but sing along to “American Girl.”

8. Refugee

“Refugee” is soulful and, at times, heart-wrenching. It’s with tracks like these that Petty really shows off his immense talent and songwriting genius. The edge and grittiness here is absolutely off the charts.

7. I Won’t Back Down

A battle cry for anyone on the edge, “I Won’t Back Down,” is a simple, yet powerful song. Petty’s understated vocals are perfect, as they eventually erupt into a moving bridge and chorus.

6. Learning to Fly

“Learning to Fly” is one of Tom Petty’s best works. The song is fairly simple, but beautiful guitar riff and solid vocals makes this one a standout. The lyrics are also quite striking, reminiscing a bygone era.

5. Mary Jane’s Last Dance

With a resounding rock beat, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” kicks your ass from the jump. By the chorus, you’re begging for air. This one has so much attitude, you can feel it throughout. When that harmonica kicks in…yikes!

4. Into the Great Wide Open

A slow methodical start eventually gives way to a silky-smooth rhythm. Petty’s vocals are spot-on, making this diverse band into pop heroes. Background harmonies from the rest of the Heartbreakers are gorgeous.

3. Breakdown

With a slower, harder edge, “Breakdown” is easily one of the more underrated Petty songs. This one really has a vicious bit to it, which certainly sets it apart. Petty’s strained vocals here are masterful.

2. Walls

Penned for the film “She’s The One,” “Walls” is certainly one of Petty’s better modern efforts. The song shows both a maturity and a youthful wonderment, encapsulating the versatility and evolution of the band. 

  1. Free Fallin’

One of the most recognizable openings of the past 20 years, “Free Fallin'” is pure audio bliss. The lyrics are searing in this methodical masterpiece. Petty’s vocals take centerstage towards the end, making for a memorable climax. 

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