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10. Raspberry Beret

“Raspberry Beret” is quite playful and fun, without many of the dramatic and serious overtones of much of Prince’s work. This is truly a nice change of pace and shows us a very different side of the artist. This one is famous today for some seriously misquoted lyrics. 

9. Sign “O” the Times

“Sign ‘O’ the Times” shows us a more serious side of Prince, as he seems to get a bit more political. Nonetheless, we still get plenty of audio goodness, even though this song is much more somber and understated. Awesome…anyways. 

8. I Wanna Be Your Lover

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” is an upbeat love song. The track has a major pop feel and is somewhat reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s early work. Prince of course, adds his signature funk, making for an interesting listening experience. 

7. I Would Die 4 U

“I Would Die 4 U” is such an underrated track and really shows how Prince could be just as successful in rock as he was in pop music. Despite the foreboding title, the song is fairly light and really shows-off Prince’s musical craftsmanship. 

6. Kiss

“Kiss” is very much a slow-burn that builds to a fun and unusual conclusion. This song has been covered and imitated so many times, but no one can really match the balance Prince is able to find here. Of all his songs, this one might have the best rhythm.

5. Little Red Corvette

There’s truly nothing too complex about this one, it’s just an excellent song executed perfectly by a mega-talented musician. Nevertheless, the song is extremely catchy and an awful lot of fun to sing and dance along. What a perfect balance to strike…

4. Let’s Go Crazy

“Let’s Go Crazy” is pure, unadulterated fun and high energy enjoyment. While Prince could certainly turn things up to a serious notch, he could also have fun with the best of them. This is what really made him appeal to a wide audience. 

3. 1999

In the heart of the Cold War, concern about nuclear annihilation was at an all-time high. Thereby, making “1999” quite topical. The song really promotes a care-free lifestyle, making the most of your time here on Earth. Nothing could embody the era any better. 

2. When Doves Cry

Mixing a little funk with one of the more dramatic works of the artist’s career, Prince is able to create an atmospheric masterpiece. “When Doves Cry” is quintessential 1980’s pop, but the song has a number of layers that add complexity and refinement. 

  1. Purple Rain

No song better embodies Prince and his career, than “Purple Rain.” Simply, the song is a ballad, but really it’s so much more. The track really highlights the amazing and well-rounded talent of the artist. Following his death, we’ve seen a number of amazing covers. 

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