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10. Reno 911!

“Reno 911!” is one of the zaniest, craziest shows of the past several decades. Supposedly, this one is a spoof of “Cops,” but it takes things to a much more inappropriate level. This is the very reason that the show is so revered and still a cult classic. 

9. I’m with Busey

Less funny than hilariously cringeworthy, I’m with Busey was a “reality show” where Adam de la Pena would follow Gary Busey around throughout his freaking crazy daily life. Episodes included Busey buying electronics and playing “Name that Smell.” You think I’m kidding…Youtube it.

8. Robot Chicken

How do you really describe “Robot Chicken?” It’s kind of a spoof show, kind of sketch comedy. Whatever the case, this is one hilarious show with some of the best parodies since golden-age “SNL.” Seth Green is all over this one, which certainly speaks highly of his comic genius. 

7. Red Dwarf

One of the more bizarre, yet brilliant shows of all-time, “Red Dwarf” is a head trip as much as it is hilarious comedy. The premise involves the last human in the universe on a strange and dysfunctional mining ship. At its essence, this one really isn’t about space at all. 

6. The Colbert Report

While not quite of the quality found in “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “The Colbert Report” is still amazing TV that was so significant, it helped Stephen Colbert land “The Late Show.” The format is similar to Stewart’s, but Colbert plays more of a character than himself.

5. The Office (US)

Quirky, funny and wildly inappropriate, Michael Scott is everything you’d want in an office boss and more. The best part is, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. This is a good thing, as neither does his staff and colleagues.

4. Police Squad!

“Police Squad!” would serve as the basis for the “Naked Gun” films a few years later. Those movies were great, but the TV show is similarly high-quality. Leslie Nielsen is the star here as well, showing his unique brand of humor. 

3. Get Smart

“Get Smart” is still one of the most clever, and hilariously funny comedies of the 1960’s. With that in mind, the movies was absolutely dreadful and unfunny drivel. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, two actors that are usually entertaining, are reduced to mind-numbing morons.

2. The Office (UK)

As much as we like Michael Scott, there’s only one true boss on “The Office.” He’s goofy, sophomoric, but has a good heart. The Brits really stiffed us big time by not giving The Office at least another season or two. And who can forget “Free Love Freeway.”

  1. The Daily Show

Jon Stewart leads a rag-tag bunch of hilarious comedians as they taken on current events and the media’s coverage of them. Stewart leans to the left, but lambasts both sides of the political coin evenly. The show is outstanding and is more than just a comedy show. Rather, it’s also a satirical take on Western media and its reactionary tendencies.

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