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“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”-Journey

If you really like goofy dancing down by the docks, this is the video for you. What’s sad, is that the song is an underrated power ballad. Yet, the video is about as light-hearted and ridiculous as anything you’ve ever seen. 

“Eye of the Tiger”-Survivor

The searing hit from “Rocky III,” “Eye of the Tiger” features one of the most absurd music videos ever. Instead of just using the Rocky theme to make a passable video, the band does some glam rock thing that makes Apollo and Rocky dancing in the water look cool. 

“The Sign”-Ace of Base

As years go by, more and more people see Ace of Base as a criminally-underrated band. Their biggest hit was without a doubt, “The Sign.” This song was everywhere in the early 1990’s. The video on the other hand, was an absolute train wreck, with some bizarre interpretive dance theme. 

“Love is a Battlefield”-Pat Benatar

When you think of badass 1980’s songs, “Love is a Battlefield” has to come to mind. The video though, is like a low rent version of “West Side Story.” The dance fighting is beyond ridiculous and makes everyone involved look nuts. 

“What a Good Boy”-Barenaked Ladies

“What a Good Boy” is easily one of Barenaked Ladies’ best and most overlooked songs. It’s simple, but executed beautifully. In the video, most of the band ham it up, in what appears to be the worst soap opera acting ever captured on film.

“Dancing in the Dark”-Bruce Springsteen

Yes, this is the Courtney Cox video. The musical performance itself is not what makes it bad. What does, is the horrendous 1980’s dancing that never seems to end. Okay Baby Boomers, is this seriously the best you could come up with?

“Under the Bridge”-Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Under the Bridge” is one of the best songs of the past 30 years. The lyrics are haunting and chill you to the bone. The video is a dreamlike mess. The ending is the truly bizarre part, as Anthony Kiedis flees an atomic explosion. 

“Burning Down the House”-Talking Heads

Nothing about Talking Heads is normal. From David Byrne’s oversized suits to the band’s strange music videos. The visual representation of “Burning Down the House” plays like a David Lynch knockoff…and not a good one. 

“I’m Still Standing”-Elton John

You don’t usually associate Elton John with music videos. In the 1980’s though, he was pumping them out right and left. Most were absolutely terrible. The worst was “I’m Still Standing,” which was like Cirque du Soleil on cocaine. 

“You Can Call Me Al”-Paul Simon

This was about as simple as a video concept can get. Let’s put Chevy Chase on screen and let him do…whatever. That’s seriously what happened. This video also reminded us that Chevy Chase is often extremely unfunny. 

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