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10. The Weakest Link

The game itself wasn’t that bad. What was, included the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” rip-off ambience and the most annoying host in the history of game shows. I still cringe thinking about the catchphrase.

9. The Singing Bee

Had there not been a glut of singing shows at the time this one premiered, “The Singing Bee” might have been more popular. The idea is actually fairly clever, but the execution leaves a bit to be desired. Plus, the singing is often very, very bad.

8. Dog Eat Dog

“Dog Eat Dog” was some weird combination of “Survivor” and “Fear Factor.” As bad as that sounds, the show was actually much worse. The ideas and execution were uber-cheesy and way too complicated for primetime TV. It did have Brooke Burns…wait it’s not 2002.

7. Win, Lose or Draw

This would be fun to play at parties, emphasis on PLAY. Watching a bunch of people do it on TV though, is a pretty terrible idea. This one has the excitement of watching you uncle build a bird feeder.

6. The Moment of Truth

Here’s a great idea: have people come on a game show where a polygraph test is the central premise. No, it’s not an episode of Jerry Springer, it was an actual game show. “The Moment of Truth” didn’t last long, much like the married couples who appeared on the show.

5. Amnesia

It’s like “The Dating Game” only much, much dumber. Plus, you get the usual Dennis Miller snark. How this one lasted even several episodes is beyond human comprehension.

4. Identity

Who said that stereotyping can’t be fun? After watching this mess, it still isn’t fun. The whole thing sets up like Clue for people who can’t sustain attention for more than 5 seconds. I would have loved to have been at the pitch meeting for this monstrosity.

3. The Chair

You’re telling me a game show hosted by John McEnroe wouldn’t be an immediate hit? You cannot be serious! This thingĀ involved contestants facing various challenges while trying to keep their vitals down. So, you’d be pretty much screwed if you downed a whole pizza before competing.

2. Hole in the Wall

The title pretty much sums this one up perfectly. Contestants were tasked with fitting their bodies through holes in moving walls. Should they fail, they’d take a nasty tumble into some water. Few shows in recent memory have been better evidence that people will do absolutely anything for money.

1. Yahtzee

This game is fun on a rainy day or when playing with your grandma. Turn it into a live action TV show, and you’ve got a a sure cure for insomnia. Nothing more exciting than watching people roll dice on broadcast television…

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