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10. Alf

How could you not have this lovable Melmacian on the countdown? Well, I guess if you’re a cat, you might not have him that high. You could probably throw the show’s non-puppet cast in that boat as well. By all reports, “Alf” was a nightmare to film. At least, he got a talk show…

9. Newhart

There are few comic geniuses that can match the amazing career of Bob Newhart. His original series, “The Bob Newhart Show” was excellent and one of the best sitcoms of all-time. He would follow it up with a show that was a bit more modern in “Newhart.” While it was not quite of the quality of the previous incarnation, the show was still high quality. And that ending…


8. Family Ties

The Keatons were a typical 80’s family. Hippie parents, an adolescent Reaganite (Michael J. Fox), a tomboy daughter, and a young son. Honestly, as much as I like Michael J. Fox, living with his character on the show would have been a chore, as he often seemed so pompous and arrogant. The parents were sort of strange as well, you know the kind that would rather be your friend instead of mom and dad.

7. Roseanne

I get that the show was a “realistic” look at suburban family life, but c’mon, that finale was something out of Requiem for a Dream. See, during the last season, we’re led to believe that the Connors win the lottery and can finally live happily ever after. (Lee Corso voice) Not so fast my friend! Well, Dan (John Goodman) is dead and the family didn’t win a scratch-off, much less the big lottery. Feel like you got punched in the gut? Yep, so did everybody who literally suffered through this horrifying finale.

6. Night Court

Night Court is one of those series that seems to be largely forgotten. It’s a shame too, because throughout most of its run, it was really outstanding. That final season though…yuck! To top it all off, you had a miserable series finale, that included the much-loved Bull encountering aliens. Freaking aliens!!!!!

5. The Cosby Show

Everybody loves the Huxtables, and I’m not sure why. Honestly, they’re kind of jerks. Cliff and Claire would probably call it “tough love”, but they’re more patronizing than anything else. Plus, everything’s gotta be a lesson all the freaking time. Most of the kids are tolerable and the grandparents are pretty cool, but Claire and Cliff would make it kinda crappy to be a Huxtable.

4. The Golden Girls

Being on “The Golden Girls” was often a rite of passage for many upcoming stars in the late-1980’s/early-1990’s. The show was largely fantastic and featured some of the best sitcom writing ever seen. I think most pass of the show as too schmaltzy today, but they need to go back an marvel at the program’s edginess. 

3. Taxi

Unfortunately, “Taxi” is not remembered near as fondly as many of the other shows on this countdown. This is sad, as the show was generally excellent comedy and launched the careers of some pretty big stars. The comedy was fairly subtle, but also had some amazing memorable moments. 

2. The Jeffersons

“We’re movin’ on up…” The Jeffersons theme song was a perfect sampling of the show. Frenetic, at times even manic, but always a song about family and togetherness. Even though life’s struggle, you can always get by with the help of family. Someday, you might even make it to the east side. Although, if you live in Los Angeles, this may not be a good thing.

1. Cheers

While “Cheers” is an uplifting show for many, when you think about the show’s premise, you can’t help but be depressed. Just think about it: a bunch of life-losers drowning their sorrows away at a local bar each and every night. Sounds pretty bad, right? The execution is far better though, portraying the significance of comradery and friendship.

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