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10. The Doors (1991)

“The Doors” is one of the more unusual entries into the Oliver Stone filmography. The film is extremely trippy and psychedelic, but the theme really works, given the band and the time in music history. Val Kilmer is fantastic as Jim Morrison.

9. Top Secret! (1984)

“The Naked Gun” films get all the pub, but “Top Secret!” was an excellent early spoof. Val Kilmer plays a James Bond/Elvis hybrid, who dances and shoots his way to saving the world.

8. The Prince of Egypt (1998)

“The Prince of Egypt” is one of the last great animated films. No, I’m not talking Pixar or CGI animation, but rather traditional animation. What really sets this one apart, is the complex storytelling and strong performances from the leads. This is a great film that just happens to be animated. 

7. The Missing (2003)

“The Missing” is an incredibly underrated western, featuring a superb performance from Tommy Lee Jones. This is a fairly complicated story, but told with such mastery, that viewers will be enthralled, even if they don’t get all the nuances. 

6. Willow (1988)

“Willow” today is a cult-classic, but for its time, it was a pretty outstanding fantasy-adventure. Val Kilmer is excellent in the lead, but many would argue that it’s Warwick Davis who truly steals the show here. 

5. Pollock (2000)

A biopic of famous painter Jackson Pollock became one of the more unlikely critical hits of the early-2000’s. Ed Harris is remarkable as the title character, showing his unnerving passion and meticulous compulsion.

4. True Romance (1993)

Combine Quentin Tarantino with Tony Scott, and you get this bizarre little crime drama. This one is all over the place, with regard to genre, but that’s actually a really good thing. As with most Tarantino film’s, the dialogue is perfect, with an astoundingly-good cast. 

3. Tombstone (1993)

“Tombstone” still stands as the best of the Wyatt Earp films, as it’s more character-driven and subtle in its storytelling. The acting is also suburb. Val Kilmer gets all the acclaim as Doc Holiday, but Russell is great as Earp. This one is still beloved today. 

2. Top Gun (1986)

“Take My Breath Away” is the classic love theme from the phenomenon, “Top Gun.” This one just screams hot, passionate love. Oh…and Tom Cruise. The song, and furthermore the moment, are ingrained in film history forever. 

  1. Heat (1995)

Besides the epic Pacino/DeNiro showdown, “Heat” is a taught crime thriller that blurs the line between cop and criminal. The film also has a stacked supporting cast and the best shootout in the history of film. While the runtime is a little long, the film rarely sputters. The characters and dialogue are masterfully written. This one really is spectacular.

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