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10. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

“Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” is a fairly simple song, but it really hits on some majorly deep issues. Jovi gets very serious here, but the song is still fairly fun. This one is probably the least-known on the countdown, but is fabulous. 

9. Bed of Roses

Aside from their rock numbers, Bon Jovi is best-known for their amazing ballads. While “Bed of Roses” is not the greatest of these, it’s still extremely solid. The lyrics can be a bit cheesy at times, but the bridge and chorus make things right. 

8. Keep The Faith

“Keep The Faith” is an incredible song that really builds to a shattering crescendo during the chorus. This one isn’t quite as popular as some of the others on the countdown, but is certainly a favorite amongst hardcore fans of the band. 

7. Blaze of Glory

“Young Guns” was a very solid flick, but the sequel was just weird and confusing. “Blaze of Glory” was a Bon Jovi standout from the soundtrack that unfortunately gets overshadowed by some of the band’s bigger hits. Nevertheless, the song does an amazing job capturing the magic of the FIRST film.

6. You Give Love a Bad Name

Featuring the most famous opening line of any 1980’s song, “You Give Love a Bad Name” is hair metal at its absolute best. It’s a fairly simple rock song, but the shredding guitar elevates this one quite a bit. This author’s not as high on the song as others, but it’s still quite iconic. 

5. Have a Nice Day

The most recent song on this countdown, “Have a Nice Day” is a perfect blend of the band’s early sound and the grittier rock they pursued in the 2000’s. “Day” is quite heavy for a Jovi song, but this is certainly a nice change of pace. 

4. Always

The boys from Jersey have so many love ballads, but “Always” might truly be there best. The song’s opening stanza is perfect and propels it into a heartfelt masterpiece. The lyrics in this one are outstanding and some of the best the band has ever produced.

3. It’s My Life

“It’s My Life” bears much responsibility for the band’s revival in the early-2000’s. The song is very much a power anthem, but appealed to the mainstream music fan. The lyrics are expertly-crafted and the sound rich. 

2. Wanted Dead or Alive

Aside from their work in rock and ballads, Bon Jovi really revitalized western rock. In that sense, “Wanted Dead or Alive” is very much their masterpiece. The song is a beautiful comparison between the life of an outlaw and that of a rock and roll musician. It works perfectly, even upon numerous listens. 

  1. Livin’ On a Prayer

While all the songs on this countdown are very, very good…there’s only one “Livin’ On a Prayer.” Aside from being one of the best rock songs of all-time, the number launched Bon Jovi into musical superstardom. This one is absolutely flawless. 

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