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10. “Kiss From a Rose”-Seal 

When Tim Burton quit the Batman franchise, the life was sucked out of the later two films. “Batman Forever” did have an amazing soundtrack though, highlighted by this Seal classic. I think most today don’t even realize this was a song from a bad Batman movie.

9. “Crash Into Me”-Dave Matthews Band

From stalker to creeper. Seriously people, listen to these freaking lyrics before you pick this song for your wedding. Well, I guess what better way to consummate the marriage than to role play as a crazed stalker/murderer. Hike up your kevlar a little more…

8. “Time After Time”-Cyndi Lauper

Those of you who grew up in the 1980’s will recognize this Cyndi Lauper hit as one of the better love songs of the decade. What few know though, is that the song is pretty much just a throw-in track. Lauper was allegedly asked to do one more song for her album “She’s So Unusual,” and pulled out one of her biggest hits ever, apparently about the recording process.

7. “The One I Love”-R.E.M.

Again, lyrics people. Although, I’m not sure how you could mistake this as a love song. The tone is somber and the band’s music is so often satirical that’d you really be crazy to play this one for your sweetie.

6. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”-Green Day

Don’t tug on Superman’s cape, don’t spit in the wind, and don’t judge a song by its title. Although, I guess if you look at the first part, you get what the band was going for. This one fooled me and it fooled the Seinfeld crew who played it at the end of their retrospective episode. So don’t feel too bad if it fooled you too.

5. “With or Without You”-U2

The lyrics should give this one away, but you still hear this way too many times on wedding day. In actuality, “With or Without You” is about someone who struggles to make sense of a love that is both euphoric and hazardous. 

4. “Every Breath You Take”-The Police

Oh, how romantic, he’s going to follow her everywhere. He’s a stalker, but he’s still got moxie. While the marriage may end with a restraining order, probably not best to start with one. I’m still amazed how many newlyweds pick this as their first dance.

3. “God Only Knows”-Beach Boys

Easily one of the legendary band’s biggest hits, “God Only Knows” is seemingly about a man’s powerful love for another. When you really break down the lyrics though, this love is much more pensive than a certainty. Thus, the song is more about contemplation than it is true love. 

2. “I Will Always Love You”-Whitney Houston

This one’s pretty under the radar (not in popularity), but it’s most definitely a song about loss. I don’t think I’ve heard this one too often in recent years at weddings, but it was pretty rampant during the 90’s. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have this one anywhere near on that special day.

1. “One”-U2

The lyrics monster strikes again. This one by Bono & Co. is anything but a love song. Rather, it’s an amazing break-up song up there with “Angie” by The Rolling Stones. Playing this for the first dance was an epidemic in the 90’s, but with divorce rates on the rise, sadly prophetic.

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