POST YOUR 10’S!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re having all the fun here…posting a new 10 each weekday!

Now’s your chance!

We have just opened a new forum where YOU (yes, I’m electronically looking at you) can post your best 10 lists or suggest best 10 lists that WE should cover in the future.

…And it’s extremely easy.

All you have to do is click “Register,” enter your info, and then click the activation link that is sent to your email address.

It’s even easier if you have a Facebook, Twitter, and/or a Yahoo! account. Then you just click the corresponding button after first clicking “Login” and you’re good to go!

Posting or suggesting 10’s is pretty easy too. Once you’ve registered and logged in, just click “Forums” and become a member of either/both groups.

From there, posting should be simple. Don’t forget to click the “Share” (not Cher) drop down menu to share your lists with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!!

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