This was quite a difficult task. Leaving off some finishers, like the Figure 4 and the Styles Clash, was really tough. Leaving off the 619 though, not too tough.



10. Pedigree-HHH

I think HHH is an outstanding wrestler, but the Pedigree just makes him standout that much more. The two most memorable for me are Wrestlemania 28 with the Pedigree/Sweet Chin Music combo on the Undertaker and Summerslam 2000, when a faulty table led to a legit Kurt Angle concussion.

9. Flying Elbow Drop-Randy Savage

I know that everybody and their brother does this move now, but something about the force and ferocity with which Macho delivered it sets it apart from others. HBK’s is a little too pretty and CM Punk’s is well, a mess. The move looked even more devastating as Macho got a little bigger later in his career.

8. Banzai Drop-Yokozuna

I can’t imagine anything more terrifying that a near-500 lb. man falling on my chest ass first. Those poor jobbers in the early to mid-1990’s…hope they had health insurance.  The Bonzai Drop was one of those moves you really couldn’t kick out of either, making it that much more devastating and adding drama to a match.

7. Van Terminator-Rob Van Dam

Shane McMahon actually did a pretty good version of this move, but he didn’t look as fluid or get as much hang time as RVD. I still vividly recall watching him debut this move and just being speechless. Any newer fans need to check out RVD in ECW, because he truly was “one of a kind.”

6. Steiner Screwdriver-Scott Steiner

This one is largely forgotten, much like the pre-Big Poppa Pump version of Steiner. What people tend to forget, is that Steiner was a really talented ring-worker in his younger years. The Screwdriver was his masterpiece, a vertical suplex into a sit-out tombstone piledriver. Just mezmermizing!!! (If you don’t get that last reference, check this out!).

5. Jackknife Powerbomb-Kevin Nash

You really can’t go wrong with any powerbomb. Show the move to any-non fan and wrestling doesn’t seem so “fake” anymore (I hate when people call it fake!). As much as I love the Razor’s Edge and the Awesome Bomb, Nash’s jackknife is just nasty. Instead of guiding his opponent to the canvas, he freaking just drops them from nearly 7 feet. Ones to Rey Mysterio are always memorable, but this one to Giant/Big Show is pretty scary.

4. Tombstone Piledriver-Undertaker/Kane

Wrestling fans are gonna think I’m nuts, but I actually believe late-1990’s Kane was the best at this one. Whereas, Taker’s was often slow and methodical, Kane’s seemed much more forceful. Probably the most infamous tombstone in the business though, was Owen Hart’s botched attempt against Steve Austin at Summerslam 1997, shortening the mega-star’s career.

3. Sharpshooter-Bret Hart

The “Excellence of Execution” was not the first to do this one, but did it better than anyone else. His brother Owen’s was a decent second, The Rock’s and Sting’s were not quite as close, but Bret’s was just flawless. Ultimately, the most famous version was applied by Bret’s rival, Shawn Michaels, in the infamous Montreal Screwjob…on Bret.

2. Stone Cold Stunner-Steve Austin

I’d probably lump the Diamond Cutter/RKO in with this one too, as they all are essentially the same moves. Something about Austin’s version really popped though. Maybe it was because a beer bath was sure to follow. Maybe it was because the way his opponent sold the move was half the fun. My favorites selling it were always the Rock and Scott Hall.

1. Canadian Destroyer-Petey Williams

How can the Stone Cold Stunner not be #1? Just watch this freaking thing! The first time I saw Petey Williams’ flipping piledriver, I had to rewind it and watch it again several time to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. The pure physics of the move aren’t too believable, but if you suspend disbelief just a bit, it’s ridiculous impact is undeniable…enough to make it our #1 BEST PRO WRESTLING FINISHER OF ALL-TIME .

This weekend there’s a pretty big auto race. So tomorrow, be on the lookout for the ALL-TIME BEST 10 INDY 500’s.

Start your engines!!!!


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